Saturday was without a doubt a HOT summer day in Memphis! We’ve been in the midst of a heat wave that usually doesn’t happen until sometime in July or August and I have to admit it has been pretty miserable. I had two sessions scheduled Saturday morning at the Botanic Gardens and we even moved the times to as early as possible so that it wouldn’t be so awful. However, this heat almost had us all drained! But…we persevered and ended up with some beautiful images for these two sweet families.

First to have the fun was Riley and John Winn. I hadn’t seen these two since last summer and could hardly believe how big they’ve gotten. Miss Riley is almost 4 and such a beauty. I adore her big brown eyes! They just make me smile. And, Mr.John Winn…he had us all running in that heat! He is every bit of the typical 18 month old little boy. Interested in everything, curious about it all, busy as can be….and not a BIT interested in me or my camera. We managed to capture some though, in spite of his best efforts to get away from me. Love this sweet family!

After my time with Riley and John Winn, I had the fun opportunity to photograph a childhood friend and her gorgeous family! Ashley and I grew up next door to each other for many, many years and her older sister was my very best friend. I have so many wonderful memories with Ashley and her sister, Amye, and it is such a joy to capture some memories of her three gorgeous children: Madison, Lindsey, and Ingram. Ingram is about the same age as John Winn and he had just about as much interest in taking photographs. đŸ˜‰ He was a busy little guy who was SO excited about exploring the Botanic Gardens. I was definitely NOT a part of his agenda that day. HA! What I loved, though, was watching his adorable sisters and the patience and love that they had with this little guy. They just loved on him and laughed at him and patiently waited on him to be ready. Girls, you were amazing. Ashley, so happy for you that you have such a precious family! Thanks for asking me to photograph them for you again. Hope you love what you see here…

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