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Sister of my heart…

November 21, 2013

This is my girl, my dear friend! I met Steffanie and my husband, Jack within weeks of each other when I was 16 years old. And, my life has never been the same since! I’ve talked to her almost every day since the first days we met as juniors in high school. Her daughters are like my own and I love them all so very much. It’s been many years since I’ve photographed their entire family, and I love our results. So proud of this crew! Enjoy your sneak peek….so many more! :) 

Welcome, Ian!

November 21, 2013

Look at this ADORABLE baby boy! Oh sweetness! It was baby boy week around here, and sweet little Ian started off the week the right way! He slept like a champ and his Momma and Daddy are clearly smitten with his beautiful good looks and sweetness. So was I! :) So happy for this family and their new addition. What wonderful gift God has given! And, be sure to check out the laughing Santa pic below. So very cute!! :) Congratulations!

Welcome, Wills!

November 21, 2013

Sweet baby Wills has made his grand entrance into the world! Son of Claudia and William and little brother of my sweet little friend, Mary Frances who has graced my camera lens many times herself, little Wills was a champ at his session. He was such a good boy and let us play with him as much as we wanted. A photographer’s little dream! I always love working with this family and couldn’t be happier for them as their family grows. Congratulations to you all! I just love your newest addition. He is one lucky little guy to have you all as his family! :)

Weston, Class of 2014…

November 12, 2013

Weston is a great guy and I so enjoyed spending a few quick minutes with him last week photographing him for his senior portraits. His very smart Mother asked me if we could just do a Mini Session for him, because let’s face it, he’s a guy and guys really aren’t so crazy about photo sessions. :) So, we did this quick and fast and hopefully for Weston-relatively painless! Congratulations on your Senior Year, Weston! Only greater things lie ahead for you…I’m sure of it!

I love these images so very much! This is my beautiful baby sister and her lovely family at their new home! There’s something special about photographing a family in their familiar surroundings that make it something unique. Even though my sister is my “little” sister, I look up to her and admire her so very much. She’s a pretty amazing lady whom I love and adore more than I could ever say. So, this little gift is for her. Because every Mommy loves beautiful photos of her family.  Enjoy…can’t even tell you how many more there are to choose from. Whoops! Got a little happy on the shutter! Love you guys! :)

Molly Kate is ONE!

November 6, 2013

Another sweet baby girl is one! Look at this week baby girl one year ago, and now! She knew then and now how to make some pink frills look good! :) Molly Kate was such a trooper yesterday. We know that she wasn’t feeling 100% with the double ear infections she was fighting off, but she was such a good girl! I love all the outfit choices and her sweet smiles. Erika, what  a joy it has been to photograph all three of your babies throughout their first years. Happy Birthday to you, Molly Kate! You are beautiful! :)  Baby legs…looove! 

Welcome, Taylor!

November 6, 2013

Look at this happy girl! She is smiling because she knows how blessed and beautiful she is! This is the new “surprise” baby girl of my great friends. Sometimes, God’s plans are different than our own-and isn’t it AWESOME when God gives us surprises like this. Taylor was a perfect angel baby for her newborn session. Still can’t believe she is here! I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to watch this baby grow from the very beginning and also to capture some of her first days at home. Congratulations to all of you-Jason, Jen, Morgan, Blake, Alexa and Taylor! God has richly blessed your family! BrownleeNB08CR My beautiful friend! Love you! This melts my heart! Such a beautiful family, Jen & Jason! 

Andrew is ONE!

November 6, 2013

Amazing the change a year can make! Look at this sweet boy last year and now! He definitely has always had his own signature look=cuteness! :) Andrew’s one year session was such fun. He just made me smile with his awesome crawl/walk on his knees he has going on. It was the best!! And, he brought along big sister, Emily and both Mom and Dad, too, for some family photos. It was a fun morning with this family. I’ve so enjoyed this last year with them and sad to know it’s over. Happy first birthday, sweet Andrew!! :) 

I just love the complete JOY on his little face on this next one!

Emily’s face on this one….LOVE!! hehe.  Love Andrew’s smile here! Baby High Five! Untitled-1

Here’s Maddox!

November 6, 2013

I just love this cute kiddo! Maddox is just one of those completely adorable little guys that steals your heart pretty much right away. Last year, we met briefly for a quick mini session and this year we got a full session to hang together on the most perfect of fall evenings in Memphis, TN. He even brought along his equally awesome parents, too! Love this session and all the beautiful fall colors. Hope you guys love this sneak peek! So many more to come! :)

Aren’t they just beautiful? Wow!! Sweet, sweet girls. It’s always fun to have the opportunity to meet someone’s children. These two angels are the daughters of someone who takes really good care of my own sweet daughter as well as myself with all of our asthma and allergy issues. So much fun for me to have the opportunity to meet her adorable girls and get to know them. Loved the fall leaves and the love that happens when you ask a sister to hug another. Maren and Linden-y’all are just precious! :) AbstonTurns15