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Welcome, Mays!

February 18, 2013

Beautiful Mays has made her arrival! What a precious baby girl, who has been blessed with two fantastic and fun parents. I just know these three are going to have a family constantaly full of laughter and lots of love. Little Mays was not quite even a full four days old at her portrait session, but you’d never know it. She was alert as could be, not wanting to miss out on a moment. And, she smiled…a lot! Especially to the sound of Mommy and Daddy’s voices…so sweet. So, we didn’t end up with too many sleepy poses; however, I love the wide-eyed shots just as much. She is such a beauty. I’m looking forward to watching her grow in front of my camera over the next year. Welcome, sweet Mays! So happy for this great family! Congratulations! :)







Welcome, Easton!

February 13, 2013

Oh, sweet baby boys! What a joy to get to photograph Mr.Easton, at only 4 days old. Beyond precious! This sweet bundle of love is the new son of my lifelong friend, Mandy and her husband, Ron. He is just perfect. Soft baby blond hair, perfect features, beautiful skin….perfect, I’m telling you…what a gift from God! And, it looks like myself, Ron and Mandy aren’t the only ones super excited about little Easton’s arrival. Big sister, Lyric, is pretty enthralled as well and did such a GREAT job posing for pictures with her “baby”. Considering she is only 21 months old herself, I think she did amazing. Congratulations to all of you! Much love to you all. So happy for you! :)

Something about this next one just makes me swoon. Love the soft sweetness of it! 

Look at this sweet baby hair. Love!!

Hats off to Daddy, the firefighter! Sure to be one of Easton’s heroes very, very soon! The feet sticking straight up in the air just make me laugh so much! :)