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Wes and Jake…

April 30, 2012

I know! I say it all the time, but I truly believe it. I have the cutest and sweetest families to photograph. The 1:17 families are the BEST! And, to prove my point, meet 3-year-old Wes and 1-year-old Jake. Such adorable brothers who are all boy; but, unbelievably sweet and adorable. They give the best smiles and hugs!! Melt my heart with their cuteness! Thanks for sharing your boys with me again, Tori and Daniel. What little blessings they truly are! :)

First up, little charmer, Wes! He is Mr. Super-de-Dooper Superhero Man! hehe!

And my personal favorite one of Wes is next…so handsome!

And, for the little one, Jake! Complete with big blue eyes and sweet curls. Does it get any cuter? :)

And, finally a few family shots. Love this family!!

Welcome, Hunter!

April 27, 2012

What a sweet family! Welcome little Hunter! I so enjoyed spending time with this family the other day with a precious little boy who shares the same birthday as my son! Turns out they live right around the corner from me so I am hopeful that I’ll get to see this little bundle of cuteness as he grows. He was truly such a “pretty” baby and loved to be snuggled and held tight! So, naturally, I was able to get in some snuggle time for myself…best part of my job-hands down! Even big sister, Anslee, got in on some of our session. She is just gorgeous and we got along great! Such a sweet little girl and, she behaved so well to be not even two years old yet! It’s rare to see a sibling this little with a new little one in the home to be so good and well adjusted! Just a great day with a great family! Congratulations!!

First up, handsome little Hunter!

How cute is she?

Connor and Abbie…

April 26, 2012

I fell in love with these two kiddos big eyes! So huge and expressive and just very sweet! Such a fun family to work with on a beautiful morning at the Botanic Gardens! Such fun and bright colors! I so enjoyed getting to know you guys, and I am even more excited to see you at church and school soon! We’ll be neighbors! I loved your sweet family and hope that you enjoy your little sneak peek! Lots more pretty ones to come soon. These are just a few of my favorties! :)

Such happy faces! :)
Mom and Dad knew how to “strike a pose” too! :)


Hudson and Beckett…

April 23, 2012

I just adored this session! So MUCH FUN!! I’ve photographed each of these adorable little boys since their first newborn sessions and have grown to just love them! All boy, all cuteness with their wrinkled nose smiles, very charming and just sweet, sweet, sweet! We started out the day with some photographs of the boys together with one another and their parents as well as some of each. I had the HARDEST time picking my favorites from this entire session. Then we transitioned into a little mini Birthday Party for little Beckett who just turned one! I have so many hilarious and sweet shots from the cake smash. Just hard to resist! Thanks for sharing your family with me, Richard and Shannon! Always a joy! :)

Welcome, Benjamin!

April 20, 2012

Oh, the joy of a new little boy! Meet sweet little Benjamin, precious son of Sadhana and Joseph! I fell in love with this precious little family and their first born child! They have the biggest hearts and a warmth that just pulls you in. Their joy and love for their new little gift was just infectious. So privileged and honored to do what I do every day. So very happy for you, my new friends, on this precious gift you have been given. Thank you for sharing him with me. Enjoy your sneak peek! :)

Lily and Daniel!

April 16, 2012

I just LOVED working with this fun family! It’s been a couple of years since I have photographed these two kiddos, but they are growing into such a wonderful young lady and gentleman. This family had fun together and they just laughed and laughed. Can’t ask for much more than that! They are the kind of family that you just feel “at home” being around. I love when that happens because it makes our time pass so quickly and hopefully it is enjoyable for everyone. John and Beverly, you have a precious family. You have every right to be very proud of these beautiful children-both inside and out! What a gift God has blessed you with. Enjoy your sneak peek! :)

Lily and Daniel were the most relaxed at the water. I just love, love both of these images so very much. I thought they were CRAZY sticking their toes into that big pile of fish in the pond. Eww!! But, really, if these were my two, I’d have this one big in my house. I just adore it so much!

I love this one of John and Beverly, too! So sweet!

When I grow up, I want to live in a house just like my friend Emily! 😉 What a joy it was for me to travel out to Covington earlier this week to photograph my friend (and fellow fabulous photographer!!), Emily and her family! Every time I go to Emily’s home I fall in love all over again! And, this was the first time I’d seen it with the added bonus of the stunning azaleas. Perfect backdrop to the white picket fence! But, what makes Emily’s home so wonderful is not just that it is stinkin’ adorable, decorated with the eye of a designer and charming in a way only an “older” home can be. What makes it beautiful, to me, is the family that lives inside of it! The joy they have in their hearts for our Lord and for one another shines through them and makes them just a joy to be around. I cannot say enough how grateful I am to have found a friend in this business that is so dear to my heart! Thank you, again, Emily and Zach, for having me into your lives for just a little bit. I hope these images will bring you smiles for years to come! They should, because these photos, for once, actually have Emily in front of the camera as wife and Mommy….not just the photographer behind it! Love y’all!!

Do you think they love each other just a little? (wink, wink!)

My favorite of the two kids:

The two girls…love, love, love!!

And, just because I was there and had photographed Georgia for her Newborn photos, we snagged a few “Sitting and Smiling” poses of this beautiful girl.

Thanks so much for a wonderful afternoon, Emily, Zach, Georgia and Jonah!

Oh, it is soo much fun to reconnect with old friends! My sweet friends, Mike and Jena, moved away several months ago for Mike to become a pastor at another town in Tennessee. Oh how we have all missed them so much! I was beyond honored that they made the trip back to Memphis for me to photograph their family again. What a joy and what a beautiful family! :)

Isabella is One!

April 5, 2012

This was sweet Isabella almost one year ago…

And, look at this sweet baby girl now! She’s One!

Isabella is already walking and quite the busy little girl! But, so very beautiful and very loved! Her big brother and sister were able to come along, at the last minute due to a reschedule, so we grabbed a few with them as well. It was a fun morning with a fun family. Happy Birthday, Isabella!!

Oaklawn Mini Sessions!

April 5, 2012

God was good once again and provided yet another beautiful weekend for photographing! I finished up my first round of the Spring Mini Sessions in grand style with three additional families! All of these families are repeat customers, which is such a blessing and honor to me! I loved seeing all of you again! Hope you enjoy your little sneak peek!

First on the agenda was Mary Kate and Tripp! It’s hard to believe I was photographing little Tripp’s newborn session just under a year ago. Now look at this sweet boy! I just loved the interactions between brother and sister in these portraits. And, those eyes on both these children? Swooon!! :)

Next up…Cooper and his crew! I love, love, love this sweet boy and every time I photograph him I really think he should come home with me and hang for a bit! He’s just a cool little boy with the cutest little smile and a great set of parents that helped make him so great! :)

Rounding out the night was another sweet brother sister pair, Hudson and Emery! Again, precious interaction between the two of them. Just love a big ol’ bear hug with happy faces! Can’t beat it! They were great for our session and we had some wonderful portraits as a result. :)