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It was such a joy to meet up this past weekend with David on the campus of MUS to capture him on the grounds of the school he has attended since 7th grade! He just graduated just days ago from MUS and is just beginning the “rest” of his life! He has been on the honor roll at MUS every semester, and has been admitted to the Ole Miss Early Entry Pharmacy School program for this fall. David was funny and fun to be around! He is an Eagle Scout and plays football and baseball. Just a great young man! So honored to be asked to capture this moment in time for him. Congratulations, David! :)

Welcome, Lyric!

May 20, 2011

Do you remember this gorgeous couple? This is my lifelong friend, Mandy and her gorgeous hubby, Ron! They were married last year and came home from their honeymoon with a little more than just a good tan! :) Meet beautiful and teeny-tiny baby girl, Lyric! At only six pounds and four ounces at birth, she was so tiny! Loooove! Mandy is a phenomenal singer with a God-given gift. Their baby girl is another gift from God with a perfect little name for the daughter of a singer! She was such a good girl the other day, at only 4 days old, for her photo session! We had the best time playing with her!

We were able to incorporate some important things in the photo shoot that were special to this family! As I mentioned, Mandy is a singer and voice teacher so we had to include some of Lyric on the piano! And, Lyric’s daddy is a real life hero firefighter and I adore the photos of her on her daddy’s hat. And finally, we did a few of her inside a trunk that belonged to her great-grandmother. These are the things that make a photo session truly unique and special. Ron and Mandy, I am so happy for you and your new family! What a gift!

Luke is Four!

May 20, 2011

This gorgeous little guy is SO much fun! I actually began my ¬†journey photographing Luke when he was inside his mommy’s tummy for some maternity photos! And now, he is FOUR! How time flies and now his gorgeous mommy is pregnant again with a new little sister due in August! Luke had the best time at our photo session the other day. It was such a great hour of time with this sweet family and celebrating the cuteness of Luke. Thank you, Steve and Emily, for sharing your little guy with me for all these years. :)

Dawson and Parker!

May 20, 2011

Little boys are such fun! I’ve been photographing these two little ones since big brother,Dawson, was just months old and little brother, Parker, was just days old! What a joy to be asked to share in so many sweet memories for this family. Now Dawson is four and little Parker is almost two! Hard to believe. I so love working with this family and think these boys are simply gorgeous! Thanks for sharing with me! :)

Welcome, Tripp!

May 20, 2011

May is a month of newborns around here! On Monday, I had the pleasure of photographing little Mr.Tripp! He is a gorgeous baby and the little brother of my sweet friend, Miss Mary Kate! Their mom is a fabulous teacher at my children’s elementary school, and I had the best time being in their home the other day photographing their most precious treasures. I adore these photos of Tripp and Mary Kate together…they did such a great job! :)

After those magical moments, little Tripp decided that he was ready to be awake…for quite awhile, actually! :) So, we took the moment to photograph Mary Kate! Gorgeous!

Finally, Tripp relaxed and we managed to get a few sweet ones of just him. Love the one where it looks like he is really laughing out loud! Can’t you just see him doing this at age 3? Congrats to your sweet family! You are all so sweet and beautiful!

When you think of photographs in the spring, you think of warm days, right? Well, not so much this past weekend at our second set of Spring Mini Sessions! The families that I met with were such troopers and had fabulous attitudes. We had to reschedule the sessions once and then the night we had them, it was only about 60 degrees and very cloudy and somewhat windy. It felt more like the week of Thanksgiving rather than the week after Mother’s Day. Really bizarre. Thank goodness the kids and their parents only had to “suffer” through for about 15 minutes. None of them complained at all. I truly believe that 1:17 has the BEST costumers around. I’m a blessed girl! :)

It was so strange, but somehow this round of Mini Sessions ended up being mostly boys. Except for a sprinkling of little girl sweetness here and there, the majority of the sessions were full of some “rough and tumble” little boys. They were all so charming and well-behaved. All in all, it was a wonderful time and I am so happy with the results of our evening!

First up was 2-year-old Ward and his cute little curls! This was my first time to photograph this cute little man, and I look forward to many more!  So sweet! :)

Next up, was a super-fun family whom I’ve worked with once before. I couldn’t believe how much they had grown up! They’d also added a new little member to their group. Meet Jack, Kate, Ella and Reed!

After those 4 cuties, was a family whom I adore working with! Normally, I just photograph Miss Ella and Mr.Holden; but, this time, their Mom and Dad decided to get in on the fun. I am so pleased with the results of their little session and know that Ella and Holden’s mom will be so happy with her new family photos. Angela, so happy for you that these turned out so sweet!

William and Henry were the next cute boys on my agenda! I haven’t seen William in about 3 years and had never met Henry before…oh my! Love these boys! William was full of personality and Henry was full of smiles. :) It made for a perfect 15 minutes with this sweet family. So good to see y’all again!

I have been photographing Kade for almost my entire photography career. I cannot believe that this little guy is now 5 years old and almost ready to start Kindergarten. Sniff…sniff. He has one of the sweetest smiles and gives the best hugs! It is always a joy to see this family. Love you guys! :)

I last photographed Logan when he turned one. He is now four years old! What a cute boy. This little guys ADORES trains so we spent the majority of this session hanging on the tracks! He thoroughly enjoyed himself and did a great job on his session. Logan, so good to see you and your family again! :)

My last session of the evening was of two brothers who are beyond adorable! Meet Jacob and Jack! These boys had F.U.N. at our session and kept me laughing the whole time. I so enjoyed hanging out with them and getting to capture a little glimpse into their world. I can only imagine the smiles and laughter that happen in this home on a daily basis! Kari and Michael, they are so cute! :)

Meet Rett and Family!

May 9, 2011

Now this is one gorgeous family! So beautiful, each one of them! And, so sweet! Mr.Rett has some of the cutest little chubby baby legs I’ve seen in awhile….love ’em! And don’t even get me started on his little dimples. Just melt me! We had a great time Friday night photographing Rett. He is obviously the joy of his parents lives. I love their story. They met at 15 years old and have been together ever since. Now look at what God has blessed them with-a precious little baby boy with killer eyes, dimples and legs! :) You gotta love a story like that. Thanks for sharing Rett with me, and enjoy your sneak peek! :)

Briar and Bronson…

May 9, 2011

I could hardly believe how much these two little cuties have grown up since the last time I had seen them! Briar and Bronson are growing up! These two are always so much fun to photograph. They come ready to laugh with me and have a good time and it makes for a fun session every single time. This time was no different as we giggled our way through the Arlington Town Square and captured some sweet moments. Enough from me….enjoy their sneak peek! :)

And, a few great ones with their beautiful Mommy! :)

Welcome, Allie!

May 9, 2011

Another sweet baby girl has joined us! Can you imagine a more precious Mother’s Day gift? :) Allie was born last week and is the new little sister of my sweet friend, Nora. Nora did such a fantastic job the other day at the photo session when we asked her to pose for a few photos with her new sister. I just know that she is going to be a fabulous big sister and these two little girls will be such a joy to their family. Allie was a perfect angel for our session and never made a sound. She slept soundly the entire time and allowed us to play and pose to our heart’s content. Thank you, Robyn and Zac, for inviting me to share in your newest little miracle. Congratulations to a sweet, sweet family! :) So happy for you all!

First, a few with Allie’s big sister. These are sooo sweet! :)

Now it’s Allie’s turn in the spotlight. Precious girl…

Samuel is 5!

May 9, 2011

Now this is a C.U.T.E. little guy! Meet Mr.Samuel. Samuel just turned 5 years old in April and just happens to be the son of my little boy’s 4th grade teacher! My Jackson has had such a WONDERFUL 4th grade year; and, it was my joy to have the opportunity to meet his teacher’s son and spend some time hanging out with him the other night. Samuel is full of life and all boy! He loved to throw rocks, and jump and play and every little thing that boys are supposed to do. I loved it! Samuel is adorably charming and has a killer smile, too. :) Samuel, thanks for playing with me the other night. I love the photos we captured for your precious momma! Brandi, I hope I was able to do this cute little man some justice. He is awesome…but I am sure you already know that! :) Enjoy your sneak peek!

I love, love this one! Such a serious, but sweet look all at the same time!

And, those eyes?? Love ’em!!

See…told ya…all boy and beyond adorable!