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Greg, Kristen and the crew!

September 29, 2010

Meet my college roommate, Kristen, and her gorgeous family! She and I have more scoop on each other than either of us probably cares to admit! We’ve been great friends for 20 years now and on Monday night, I had the opportunity to photograph her family for her. It is such a joy to see my sweet friend as a wife and mother and have the chance to capture this fleeting time in their lives with my camera. Kristen, so happy for you that these turned out so great! Your family is amazing as are you! Enjoy your sneak peek. So many more to come! :)


September 29, 2010

Oh, what a sweetheart this little guy is! He had the cutest little grin and laugh. And, how he loves his momma! These smiles you see below…all for his momma. Love that. This session was all about capturing the cuteness of a sweet baby boy. I think we accomplished our goal. Wyatt, thanks for being such a great little subject. Your grins, giggles and baby rolls make me happy! :)

2, 3, GO!

September 29, 2010

Brothers. Age 2 and age 3. Enough to make me a bit nervous. HA! Shouldn’t have been! Love this family. These sweet boys, Carter and big brother Hudson are some precious past customers that recently moved to Nashville. Their mom and dad so honored me by choosing to make a special trip back to their previous hometown in Collierville for another session with me! Awesome! We had a fantastic Fall morning and explored the town square. We went down some alleys and found spots that were perfect. And these outfits?! Y’all, I was in love. Just perfect for a fall session. I hope you guys love your sneak peek! Loved seeing you again! Enjoy! :)

Surprise! The Cotton is ready!

September 28, 2010

I had the strangest thing happen to me last week. Part of being a photographer  that shoots mainly outdoors is learning to deal with the weather. I’ve gotten pretty good at rescheduling sessions due to rain, dark clouds, mud, wetness, etc. However, I must say that I’ve never had to reschedule anything due to the LACK of rain! Last week I received a phone call from the very kind farmer who had offered up his cotton fields to me to use for the Mini Sessions I had scheduled for Oct.23rd. He proceeded to tell me that due to lack of rain and extreme heat that the cotton was ready to be harvested and I needed to move on those sessions. Yikes! Well, my clients are amazing because with only two days notice, I had half of them rescheduled for their cotton field sessions on Sunday night! The other half has their turn this coming up Friday!

Everyone showed up in such AWESOME clothes and looked so great! I really love the autumn look to these photos and really am pleased with how they turned out! Can’t wait for Friday to see what those sessions have in store. So, enough of my story. Take a look at these precious families! Happy Fall y’all! :)

Quinn and Currie…

September 28, 2010

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…LOVE photographing sisters! They are just such fun little friends. I always feel like there is a secret going on between them that I am missing out on that happens just between them. These two beauties were no exception. They were just a joy to work with and we had a blast playing around and searching out fun spots. A lovely ending to a beautiful Fall Saturday afternoon. These pictures speak for themselves. Not much needs to be said from me. Quinn and Currie, you girls are amazing! Hope you like your photos! 😉

The secret language. :)

Stunning, aren’t they?

Told you we had fun!

Abby is growing up!

September 28, 2010

Look at Miss Abby! You might remember her from her Newborn session way back in February. And, now she is seven months and even more beautiful! I loved her session on Saturday evening at Botanic Gardens. Her looks went from happy, laughing baby to soulful porcelain baby doll in a matter of seconds. Amazing the variety of faces this little one has! Fun. Serious. Fun. Serious. And so it went. I love doing the Little Gifts Newborn Club babies and having the wonderful opportunity to see them grow up! Happy 7 months, sweet girl! Can’t believe how fast time flies!

James and Emma Kate!

September 28, 2010

Love this little family! I’ve been photographing James since he was about his sister’s age. Now he is 5 and in Kindergarten and his beautiful sister is growing up so quickly, too! We met up on Saturday morning for a lovely session at the Memphis Botanic Gardens. James is so comfortable with me and is such a big ham. He just makes me laugh and laugh. Little Emma Kate is a bit harder to crack but to be honest, there’s nothing more beautiful than those big blue eyes staring up wondering at me. Thanks for a great Saturday! Enjoy! :)

Sarahbeth and Houston…

September 21, 2010

Two year old twins! Love it! Sarahbeth and Houston just turned two a few days ago…still such babies! :) Sarahbeth, Houston, their sweet Momma and Grandma, Muh, and I had a hot morning yesterday at the Botanic Gardens. Who knew it would be nearly 100 degrees in late September? Whew! But it was a nice, sunny day so I’m not complaining. These sweet twins had the sweetest smiles and such gorgeous white blond hair and clear blue eyes. The two of them were not really into having their portraits made together, so we spent the majority of the morning focusing on individual pics. Finally, at the very end of the morning, the golden moment arrived and both twins were close enough to each other and looked up with smiles! YAY!!! You should’ve seen the happy dance that Momma, Muh and I did! Mission accomplished! Sarahbeth and Houston, you two are just adorable. Happy 2nd birthday cutie pies! :)

This past Saturday was my first round of Mini Sessions and they turned out just fabulous! At the last minute, I decided to switch up three of the sessions to Arlington Town Square (at the request of the customer :) ) while the remainder of the sessions were taken here in my backyard! I couldn’t have been more pleased at our results. It was a great day full of some old friends that I hadn’t seen in awhile, some brand new friends experiencing their first time ever with 1:17 Photography as well as one of our “Find a Cotton Field” contest winners! I love the variety of looks I was able to capture on Saturday from the summer whites and impatiens to the sweaters and blue jeans. September is the perfect mesh for any type of look. I hope all of you enjoy your sneak peek! I had a blast and thank you for choosing 1:17 Photography! :)

So, without further babbling from me, here’s what you came here to see, enjoy!

These two cuties! Oh my. They were so funny! I promise they could be their own little comedy group. This session has been a long time in the making; but, this morning everything went off without a hitch. What adorable little sisters they are and so beautiful. Those dark eyes just melt you and then you add in their cute little laughs and grins and its just all over! Loved everything about this session…the smiles, the laughs, the cute little dresses. It all worked and turned into a great Friday session! Enjoy your sneak peak! :)