Lauren is a Senior!!

June 8, 2010

For Lauren’s senior portraits, we met up at the Botanic Gardens last week on one of those evenings that looks like it will pour down rain any second.You know those summer showers…one minute the sun is out and the next the clouds come out of nowhere. We decided to go ahead with the session as planned and I am so glad we did. We had to work quickly as it was getting darker by the minute; but, Lauren worked it and we scored some amazing shots in such a short period of time. I loved working with someone this age and enjoyed not having to sing “If you are happy and you know it!”  :) Even though, I’m pretty sure Lauren she would’ve politely laughed at me because she’s just that way…awesome! If any of you out there reading know a senior who’d be interested in a session, please send them my way! It was such a blast!

“I want to capture her sweetness and her loving and fun spirit. Lauren has always just been a joy from birth.  She is such a sweetheart, she loves to laugh and has an infectious laugh.” I love these words! These words were answered by Lauren’s mom on a questionnaire from me. Aren’t those just lovely words to hear from the mother of a teenage daughter? I must say that I agree after meeting her! Lauren you are a sweetheart, and such a trooper! Hope you enjoy these…so many more to choose from. Hope your senior year is amazing and filled with fun memories!

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