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Welcome, Henry Lee…

July 28, 2017

Sarah…Class of 2018!!

July 27, 2017

Just typing those words above gives my heart a little jolt. This is my sweet Sarah, whom I have loved since she was only minutes old. This is the daughter of my very best friend. I’ve watched Sarah grow up over the last 17 years, and those moments run through my head in a blur. Barely believing that the time is fast approaching that “we” send her out into the big world on her own. I say “we” because ¬†when it’s your bestie’s daughter-you know it all. All the good, all the bad, all the beautiful and tender moments have been shared with me. No, she’s not technically mine, but she will always be like a daughter to me. I am praying her through these next steps in life as I have through the past years. I am soo excited to see where the Lord takes this AMAZING young lady and can’t wait to see her spread her wings and fly. I know she will SHINE brightly for Him! Lucky me, I’ll have a front row seat to watch it all unfold. I love you, my Sarah! Congratulations! I’m always here, always loving you, always cheering you on, always praying…always!