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Colorful FUN Downtown!

May 20, 2014

I’ve just LOVED all the recent sessions I’ve done in downtown Memphis! These last ones are no exception. The families picked out the perfect colors to compliment the quirkiness of downtown. So much fun! Enjoy the sneak peek! Many more to come! :)

Love, love, love this wonderful sweet family! We had a crazy start to our session as some rain came in from out of nowhere and threatened to ruin our plans! But, patience paid off and we were able to get in a super fun and quick little mini session downtown while we enjoyed the beautiful calm after the storm and smelled the wonderful bbq from the river! It was a wonderful night with this amazing family! Love you guys! Thanks for being so amazing!!

Crazy beautiful!! See the words above these ladies heads on the first photo below? Truer words couldn’t be spoken about our evening together downtown. We almost cried due to the rain, but then we smiled because of the beautiful rainbow! We laughed together, enjoyed the wonderful aromas drifting down from the river and BBQ fest, dodged traffic and just had so much FUN exploring our town and taking photos! What a great night with old friends. I loved every moment! :)

This session doesn’t really need many words. A beautiful evening, two precious and simply adorable children, two loving parents, a cute and funny dog, and a beautiful golf course setting on a spring evening in May and you get an almost perfect photo session. Love this family and loved this session! :) 

Norah & Andrea…

May 9, 2014

Another wonderful set of sweet, sweet sisters! YAY! I’ve been photographing both of these little angels since their first days and it is so fun to watch them start to grow up! Beautiful, sweet, and fun. Just a pure joy to photograph. I hope you guys enjoy your little sneak peek of these gorgeous girls! Thanks for sharing them with me! And, Happy first Birthday to Miss Andrea, too! :)

Allie & Nora…

May 9, 2014

Yes! These beautiful girls. I just LOVE them!! So gorgeous and fun to photograph and they never fail to make me smile so big with their sweetness. :) I’m really sorry, Robyn; but, I didn’t do very good on following your instructions of not giving you too many choices. There were just so many to choose from and I loved a bunch! Blame it on these gorgeous girls of yours…not me! :) Enjoy! More to come!

With all the rain and with the special I’m offering for artwork collaboration with Katie Toombs, I’ve been fitting in little Mini Sessions here and there when I can. This week, I’ve done several. This post is for two pretty little girls! First up, 10-year-old Chloe and her family came to see me for a quick shoot specifically for a painting by Katie! I cannot wait to see how the painting looks-know it will be beautiful! Here’s just a few from that shoot:

And, then, I got to play with Miss Lyla! Lyla is turning two, and this session was such fun! Love her adorable little outfit that belonged to her Momma when she was a little girl. Just love this sweet girl so much! We had such fun looking at and touching all the flowers. She was enamored with them! So precious! :)


Skye is 3!

May 7, 2014

Happy, happy birthday to this beautiful girl! This is my sweet little neighbor, Miss Skye! I can hardly believe that today she turns three-years-old! We took these photos two nights ago in about a 15 minute time period. Her mom had me to photograph her specifically for her birthday, and also so that we can use an image from this session for Katie Toombs to paint for  her as well. I think it will be beautiful. Thanks to Christy for sharing your sweet baby with me. And, happy birthday to Skye!

Meagan and Savannah

May 5, 2014

It is always a great way to start out my Saturday by spending it with a beautiful family! Loved photographing Meagan and Savannah and their fabulous parents this past weekend. We had gorgeous weather and lovely surroundings at the Dixon Gallery and Gardens. Sweet, sweet family! And, I am so grateful! :) Enjoy your sneak peek! Lots more to come!

Oh, this boy! He has my heart. He walked around during our session and would randomly blurt out in the cutest little 2 year old voice you’ve heard, “Miss Jewie’s here!!”. And he was genuinely thrilled that I was still there with him. Melted my heart. So sweet. I love being  Lucas’s Miss Jewie. :) Lucas is now two and I’ve been photographing him since he was just days old. Loved all the many faces he shared with me that day. What a cutie! I dare you not to smile! Go ahead, I’m going to win this bet. You are going to smile!