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And striking a pose!! What a cutie pie!! This is my precious little niece, and she is a doll. I love her sooo much! We have rescheduled this session soo many times due to rain, cold, no flowers, etc. But it was sooooo worth the wait! Miss Kinsley did a wonderful job at her session and had all of us laughing. What a funny little sweetheart she is! So glad that Mommy, Daddy and brother came along and participated, too. Beautiful evening full of lots of smiles! I sure love you guys sooo much! It’s always a privilege and joy to photograph my precious family. What a gift you are to all of us! Enjoy your sneak peek!

Love these smiles!! :) “So if I act all cute and pose for you really good, will you stop taking my picture so much, Aunt Julie?” Do you see this baby’s lashes? I cannot buy enough mascara to make mine this gorgeous! :)  Grayson is such a good big brother!  Color or b/w? I couldn’t decide… Looooove!!

Precious!! I love this session sooo much. The golden sunlight, sweet sisters and fun parents, perfect clothing choices, field grass and wildflowers….makes a photographer’s heart swell with happiness! Thanks so much to this wonderful family, whom I love so much, for continuing to allow me to photograph your family and capture memories of you since our little Lexi was a tiny baby. Hard to believe how big the girls are getting! I think this might be the first session I’ve done without little Lexi in pigtails? They are gorgeous and growing into sweet young ladies! I hope you love your sneak peek. Lots more to come! Enjoy! 

Welcome, Andrea!

April 18, 2013

Gorgeous, gorgeous girls!! Welcome, sweet little Andrea Dawn! This is the 2nd little girl in this family I have been privileged to photograph. What a joy! I can hardly believe how big and beautiful big sister, Norah Grace, has become. She was SOOO proud of her new little sister, and just so very sweet to her. I loved that the whole family was in on this session, mom/dad, big sis, Grandma and even Great-Grandma! There was a cousin there, too! This is one very loved little girl. So thankful she is here and safe! Thank you for sharing your daughter with me. It was so much fun spending time with all of you again. Hope you love this little peek….lots more to come! Enjoy! Congratulations! :) I am in L.O.V.E. with this photo!!! :)

Untitled-2 And this one, too…what a little doll baby!  Go Hogs, right Drew? :) Oh, what a gorgeous open -eyed shot of this lil one. LOVE!! Untitled-1

LOVE this family! Such an awesome bunch. This is Ashleigh, one of the funniest people on the planet and cake-maker extraordinaire of BadAsh Bakery! Truly a talented lady! And, her handsome and quietly charming hubby Patrick….just a cool dude! Ashleigh also brought along her simply GORGEOUS Momma, Renee. This lovely lady doesn’t look a day over 35…pass some of those beautiful genes over my way, please! How do you do it? :) And, of course, the stars of the show: Shelby-the posing queen, Patrick-with his cool vibe stare, and little man Gibson-who just kept us all on our toes the whole time….but, who can resist those big brown eyes and a scruffy Ewok lovey? Surely, not me! I had so much fun capturing y’all with my camera. I hope you like what you see here. More to come! Enjoy…and thanks for being so awesome. Love you guys!! :)

Welcome, Caroline!

April 18, 2013

What a beautiful family! Welcome, to little Caroline Grace! She is simply beautiful. She was just  a little angel for her session, and barely made a sound. Couldn’t have asked for a better little baby. Big sister Madison Claire, and brother Mac were too cute as well.  I love the groupings we ended up with. Preciousness with mom and baby, big sis with Momma and baby, sister and baby, and brother with baby, too! Love it! Welcome, Caroline! God has richly blessed your sweet family with your arrival. What a joy to be asked to capture this special time. :)  Be still my heart! How gorgeous is this mother/daughter image? Lauren, you are just glowing! :) Love this! She was trying to help calm her sister down. So sweet! And this…precious! Little Mac was checking out Caroline and I think she was checking him out as well. :) 

Alice is One!!

April 18, 2013

Oh my sweet little niece, Alice!! LOVE HER! Miss Alice turned one back in February, but her Aunt Julie suggested we wait until some beautiful Spring color arrived to do her One Year portraits. So glad we did! This little sweet girl is just an angel. She does her namesake, my grandmother, well. My Gram would be soooo proud to have known that Alice is named after her. You bring such joy to our family, Alice! Happy Birthday…a little late! :) 

The award for the most patient Mom of the week, goes out to my sweet friend, Ashley, the beautiful Momma of these four sweeties! Ashley, thanks so much for your patience in me getting these sneak peeks to you! With Memphis finally having decent weather this week, I’ve been slammed with sessions, both scheduled and rescheduled ones, and today is the first day I’ve had a moment to sit down and work on the blog. I was soo  happy for Ashley that her precious kiddos did so good at our session. When you’ve got 4 children, you never know what you might get as far as moods go. But, this night, this sweethearts were all smiles, and we had a wonderful time enjoying the spring weather. They were especially enthralled with the trains at Oaklawn, and I love the look of their clothing colors against them. Thanks for your continued support of my business year-after-year, Ashley! I just LOVE watching your babies grow up right in front of my camera! Enjoy! :)Untitled-1 Spring'

Welcome, Murphy!!

April 13, 2013

OH MY WORD!! Loved this session so much. I’ve gotten to know this sweet family over the last few years as they are neighbors of my brother/sister-in-law down in Hernando, MS! I was privileged to be asked to capture some memories for them of Murphy’s first days at home with big sister, McKinna. She was a doll for her session and so very proud of her brother! Love her sweet grin, curls, and pink cowboy hat that we used for some quick shots just of her while brother was “having a snack”! Murphy could not have been any better either. The cowboy themed nursery and hat he wore were a first for me and I just LOVE them. What a precious family! So  happy for you guys. Welcome, sweet Murphy…what a wonderful family God has blessed you with little guy! :)

Cooper is One!!

April 11, 2013

This little guy has been photogenic since day one!! Look at little Cooper a year ago…

And still adorable today!!

For some reason, lil Cooper was really, really sleepy at our session. But, to be honest, as much as I love the smiles, I really also love the sleepy, pouty looks my camera found as well.

This next one however, just makes me laugh out loud!! I love this! He is OVER me at this point. hehe! Love you lil Cooper man! Happy 1st birthday!! Thanks for sharing your last year with me! 

Mary Frances is One!

April 11, 2013

This is a portrait of sweet Mary Frances a little over a year ago at her newborn session in January 2012. Such a little doll…
And this is our sweet girl now!!

Such a happy, happy girl! :) I couldn’t get enough of her in her sweet and traditional little smocked dress, the gorgeous spring flowers, her laughter, her smiles, her wonder at all that was around her, her JOY!! It was just such a great session. I have so enjoyed every session of this last year with this fun family. Happy Birthday, beautiful girl (a few months late!) What a joy you are! Thanks for sharing your first year with me!