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Tanner is O.N.E!!

January 30, 2013

Tanner’s smile one year ago was precious…

Now Tanner’s smile is both precious and FUN!! Love it!

I’m convinced that Tanner’s Mom has found the perfect way to ensure that a one-yr-old is happy and energetic for his session. Simply put him in the car at 5am, and drive for 8 hours! Then, you are sure to have a happy baby that is beyond thrilled just to be out of confinement and full of spunky fun and great smiles! Seriously, though, I have to give a big thumbs-up to Shelby, Tanner’s Mom, as they live in Georgia where his Dad is currently stationed. But, they are headed back to Memphis this weekend for Tan-Man’s big party!  Shelby, made a big effort to get here yesterday while the weather was absolutely perfect for an outdoor session. We had a blast with Tanner and he just made me smile so much. What a CUTIE!!

Happy birthday, little Tanner! Can’t believe you are already one! :)

He didn’t like the cake…at all…haha!! :)

Awaiting Baby “M”!

January 15, 2013

I am so excited about this next year and spending some special milestone moments with this fun couple as they are one of my newest families to take part in the Little Gifts Newborn Club. Simone and Logan are awaiting the arrival of their first child sometime within the next few weeks. They are so very excited, and can’t wait to find out if they need to run out and buy pink or blue for their newborn session! They wanted to capture some photographs of them together as two before they are a family of three! Can you believe how beautiful Simone is? I mean, seriously, who is this fabulous with only a few weeks to go until delivery? Beautiful! I had so much fun laughing with these two, and enjoying a 70 degree day in January! We couldn’t believe our luck. I’m so happy for you both, and cannot wait to get that phone call soon that I’ve got another session to schedule…and if I should bring blue hats or pink! 😉

Amazing how bright green “weeds” of clover appear in the dead of winter! Loved this splash of color! Gorgeous!

This is one of my very favorite photographs that I took in 2012 of sweet, smiling baby Summit and his beautiful parents when he was just a few days old…so precious!

I was blessed enough to be asked to photograph Mr.Summit on his actual 1st birthday last Thursday afternoon! And what a fun photo session it was and a great way to kick-start my 2013 year. It was cold, no doubt; but you’d never know it based on what a good boy Summit was for the session. We were so proud of him, and he smiled away at us as we worked together to capture his special day. I just LOVE that his parents came armed with ideas and plans for the session. The outfits they picked for him could not have been any more perfect for our session out in the field grasses. My favorite was his absolutely adorable orange chevron pattern tie…beyond cute! And, it is always such fun to watch a little one get their first taste of sugar. he-he! Summit went after that cupcake and loved every second of it! He was too cute licking the icing with this look of wonder on his face. The balloons were such a fun pop of color, too! Really just a perfect afternoon. Thank you, Rob and Autumn, for sharing your sweet baby boy with me! He just makes me smile! :)

I just imagine him saying: “Yes, ladies, I’m one now. And, I’m too cool!”

Here comes the cake and balloons! Happy Birthday, Summit!