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Welcome, Andrew!

October 26, 2012

Oh sweet baby boy, Andrew! Welcome to the world and welcome to a beautiful family! This precious baby boy was an angel for his newborn session yesterday. At only six-days-new, it was my absolute joy to work with this precious family again. I photographed big sister, Emily, several months ago and now she seems like such a big girl. Andrew is a member of our Newborn Club, so their sweet faces will be gracing my camera lens for the next year and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Truly, such an incredibly kind and precious little family. SO happy for ya’ll! :) Enjoy!

Love this one because it is special. This blanket was made by Andrew’s great-grandmother. How special! :)

How beautiful are these babies, ya’ll? I mean, seriously…

Grayson and Parker…

October 26, 2012

Oh my word, I just want to pack up and live on the golf course at Spring is SOOO beautiful out there in the Fall colors! Yesterday was such a gorgeous fall afternoon full of bright colors, warm truly “golden” sunlight, and two fun & energetic boys! Always love my time with these two boys and this was no exception. Can’t wait to do it again next year…but they’ll just have to come find me as I’ll be hanging out on this beautiful course! :)

Sadie Ann is 10!

October 24, 2012

I just LOVE comparing old pictures of sweet children that I’ve photographed down the years as they grow. Here’s sweet little Sadie Ann back in 2006:

And, here she is today, having just celebrated her 10th birthday and sporting some very adorable braces, too! :)

There’s something wonderful about things that don’t change. And, this precious family is proof of the phrase, “If it’s not broken, why fix it?” We’ve been meeting for years at Memorial Park…always around 5pm, always near the end of October, and always enjoying ourselves! I love how we chronicle the changes in their family every single year. It is such a joy and privilege┬áto be asked to be a part of capturing their memories for them. Love ya’ll! :)

Happy, happy birthday beautiful Sadie Ann!! Can’t believe you are TEN!!


October Mini Sessions!

October 24, 2012

God truly blessed us with a GORGEOUS weekend for our Mini Sessions outside in the colorful leaves and lovely weather. I’m amazed at how different each family looks and that they each have their own way of making this spot truly their own, despite being all made in one location in a small period of time. I think each of our beautiful families truly “rocked” their session, and I’m so pleased with our results. I cannot wait to share all of the images with each of you! You’re going to love them! Thank you, for choosing me to photograph your family this year! Enjoy your sneak peek…warning…long post ahead of lots of cuteness!!

Mac, Davidson and Harry…

October 19, 2012

Oh how boys just make me laugh!! How do you not love this? :)

I’ve been photographing this family for many years, and it is always a joy to see them again! They are such cute and good looking boys. So charming and full of energy! We had lots of climbing , jumping, wrestling and laughing in between shots. But, I am thrilled with our results and hope that they will be as well. Thanks so much, “D”, Harry and Mac for a great afternoon!

Anna and Mia…

October 18, 2012

Fall has arrived in all of it’s glorious color!! So exciting after the long, hot summer. This sweet family and I were very excited to enjoy our morning out at Rhodes College and document their sweet love for each other. I’ve photographed these girls for many, many years and am always blown away at how beautiful they are-both inside and out! Loved our time together “H” family, as always. Hope you love your sneak peek! Lots and lots (and lots!) more awesome ones to come! :)

Taylor and Indie…

October 18, 2012

Oh, how I love these two!! It’s been years that I have been photographing Taylor and Indie. Taylor is now a senior in high school and beautiful Indie is in the 7th grade! It’s so much fun to watch them grow. Their mom is so good in having them come see me every year. I pulled out a shot from their first session I had with them years ago, back in 2007, just for fun. I’m sure Taylor and Indie will kill me for posting this, but just wanted to show how important it is to document your kids’ lives. They grow up so quickly! Love you guys!! :)



October 15, 2012

I love these sweet kiddos!! They just make me smile. You might recognize these beautiful children as I’ve been photographing them as long as I have been in business. They are the children of my childhood friends and are like family to me. This group of five cousins belong to three siblings and their spouses; and they just so happen to be the lucky kids whose parents own “The Happy Heart” Children’s Clothing Boutique out in Arlington. Hence, the reason they are so GORGEOUS and stylish! :) Love, love, love! It’s always a challenge to get a group of 5 kids to cooperate…esp when two of them are only around 18 months old…tough any day! But, we laughed a lot, and ended up with some beautiful photos as well as lots of fun memories that will definitely keep us laughing at the memories for years to come! I love you guys! Thanks for sharing your children with me year after year! :)

First up, brothers Kenny and Lucas! These two little rascals just crack me up. Love ’em!

Then, sweet Lyric, who has a new baby brother due on Valentine’s Day! :) Doesn’t she just look like a living doll?

Hehe, love that look! Are you really just going to take my photo and not help me up, lady? :)

And, finally, sisters Ella and Emme…hello, gorgeousness!!!

And, finally, for your enjoyment, just a few of our attempt to get these sweethearts to do a group photo. These may not be picture perfect, but to me, they are fabulous because it is a memory; and a great moment in time of real life! These are the ones that will make you laugh out loud in years to come! Love this crew!!

Please note in the next photo, Lyric is crying and Emme is feet up falling on the ground. HA! :)

Jane, Wyatt, and family…

October 5, 2012

This session was such a JOY!! Meet Jane, Wyatt and their great parents, Lee and Mary-Dare. Mary-Dare put such thought into making this session so very special…from the outfits she picked to the activities planned…and the results are just beautiful. These children are so loving and kind, they gave me hugs all evening long and I just LOVED that. Made me feel so important! It just made for a fun atmosphere which was unstressed and perfect. Thanks so much for sharing your family with me! Enjoy your sneak peek! :)

And, I just adore this next part of our evening together. Lee and Mary-Dare lost a son, Mac, between Jane and Wyatt. She wanted to include him in the photo session somehow and I love, love, love the moment captured below. I’ll be honest, it was very TOUGH for me to keep my composure during these sweet moments as they wrote messages on balloons to their son and brother. They talked about him and that he is in heaven. And, then they let go of the balloons and sent them up to Mac. It was so beautiful, and such a precious way to remember a part of their family. I was privileged to capture this for ya’ll. Thank you . :)

Welcome, Abigail!

October 1, 2012

Sweet Abigail was welcomed into this precious family about 5 weeks ago over in Arkansas! I don’t usually photograph newborns after about 10 days after they are born; however, for this sweet little lady I was happy to make an exception! Abigail is a part of a family that is very special to me, so it was absolutely no problem to break my own rules for them! It was a different “newborn” shoot as she wasn’t as curled up and sleepy, but her little pudgy arms and legs and cheeks were so adorable. I also loved that she was awake for some of the shots as it made for some beautiful close-ups of her big eyes! Congratulations to David and Ashley and all of their extended families! Abigail Grace is a beautiful little girl, and I can’t wait to watch her grow up! :)

I think in this next picture she was just hanging out on a tree stump in her precious little camo gear, smiling as she was dreaming of getting her a deer!…right, Ashley and David? :)