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I am always so honored when asked by a friend to photograph their family. This is my first time to photograph these beautiful sisters, Sarah Cathryn and Ellen. Their Mom, Emily, is one of my good friends from my monthly “dinner” club. I’ve so enjoyed getting to know Emily and hearing her stories of her girls over the years. I finally got the opportunity to spend some one-on-one time with them, and they are just joyous and precious! Sweet Sarah Cathryn was quiet and polite, and had the MOST gorgeous freckles and long eyelashes I’ve seen in a long time. And, Miss Ellen, is just a ball of energy and fun and charm all rolled into one.! Enjoy your sneak peek!

Love this one of them looking inside a tree together…so cute and innocent!

Mom and Dad, still in love after almost 15 years!

Sarah Cathryn…

And, Ellen!

Thank you, Emily and Brent, for sharing your family with me and allowing me to capture of fun memories of this sweet time in your lives. You have a wonderful gift in these two girls! :)

Welcome, Charlie!

May 24, 2012

Sweet, sweet baby Charlie! This little sweetheart did not sleep a wink the entire Newborn Session yesterday…very uncommon in the world of newborn photography. But, I didn’t care one bit because he was such a good boy for us. Really, really great! We managed to get a lot of fun eyes-wide-open shots that show off his big eyes. He even allowed his precious big sister, my friend Abby, to hold him and be a part of his session without being bothered. This was one good baby. I just love this little family and I am so very happy for them with the addition of their new little guy! Congratulations, my friends, and thank you so very much for inviting me into your home once again to share in this special time.

Sweet, sweet family!

Love, love, love all of these with brother and sister. Too sweet!



I can hardly believe that we’ve come to the end of another sweet Little Gifts Newborn Club member’s first year. I truly find it hard to fathom that one year ago this was Miss Allie at just a few days old:

And now, Miss Allie is walking and talking and just as GORGEOUS!!

I’ve been photographing Allie and big sister Nora for many years. This session was to celebrate Allie turning the big ONE and Nora turning FOUR! Wow! I just adore this precious family and have so enjoyed the extra time I’ve gotten to see them this past year. I do believe that despite Allie not feeling 100% at the session, that this is one of the best ones we’ve had yet. Thank you, thank you for sharing your girls with me year after year. What a blessing for me to watch them grow. Enjoy your sneak peek!

Sweet Emily is One!

May 11, 2012

Oh, happy baby…look at this gorgeous little lady! Miss Emily just turned one, and she is all smiles! And, wow, those beautiful dark eyes….swoon!! This sweet girl just made me happy this morning, and we had the best time. Her sweet mom and I could very likely have spent the entire day just talking. We got along great and are kindred spirits no doubt! I’m so excited to share her images with you. She’s just beautiful and I would’ve brought her home with me in an instant. Happy birthday, sweet Emily! :)

I just L.O.V.E this face!! :)



It’s so great to have the opportunity to meet new families. I’m always amazed at the adorable personalities that the children have and little Copper and sweet Conlee were no exception. They just LOVED their session with me, and at the end of it precious Copper announced that “This was the best night EVER!!” You gotta love a kid that thinks you gave him the best night of his life! Wahoo! :) Loved these sweet children. Thank you for sharing them with me, and I hope that you enjoy your little sneak peek of their cuteness!

He just LOVES his sister…so sweet!

Casey and Derrick…

May 11, 2012

Casey is like a little sister, another daughter, sweet friend to me! This precious girl has spent countless hours at my home watching my two children as our babysitter for years. For several summers, you could almost consider her a part of my 1:17 Photography summer staff as she would always stay with the kids while I was at sessions, behind closed doors editing, or packaging orders. I just LOVE this girl, and can not believe she’s about to be married! In December, Casey will be marrying the love of her life, the one whom God has given her to spend her life with. I could not be happier for them, and so enjoyed our time together doing this photo session the other night. I can see how these two meld perfectly together. I loved seeing them laugh together and gaze into each other’s eyes. Their excitement about their future together is easy to see. This is such an exciting time for this sweet couple! Casey, our family loves you so very much, and we are so happy that you have found a man who loves the Lord and obviously adores you! Congratulations…can’t wait til December! Enjoy your little sneak peek, you lovebirds! :)

To be honest, there’s not much cuter to me than dogs. I just LOVE them so much. Such a special part of my family as well as so many others. My amazing and beautiful neighbor, Kim, is absolutely phenomenal at getting photographs taken of her family and capturing these special days before they are gone. I mean, she’s G.R.E.A.T. at it! This sweet family lives next door to me, and I just adore them. The purpose behind this session was to photograph the kids with their dogs. When we first scheduled the session, it was to be just for their oldest Golden Retriever, Kenai, who is 11.5 years old…just to capture the love between kids and dog. But, in the months since this session was first scheduled, this family has added another sweet pumpkin’ to their bunch….”little” Samson, who is still a “baby” at just 4.5 months. Love, love, love!

And, of course, since we were all together and everyone dressed cute, we grabbed a few of the kids and Kim, too. Thank you, sweet friends, for the opportunity of photographing your family! All of them! :)

Now, for the doggies! First up, the elder of the group, Kenai!

And, the little man…Samson!

Bryant is Two!!

May 10, 2012

Little boys! Just love them! And, just turned two-year-olds are in a class all their own! This adorable, big ol’ blue eyed gorgeous little man is Bryant! He just turned two-years-old recently, and I’ve been photographing him since he was just days old. I can hardly believe how big he is now. He is quite possibly the most well-mannered little guy I’ve met in quite some time. His “no, thank you” and “yes m’am” just stole my heart. Thank you, Heather and Russell for continuting to give me the opportunity to watch you little man grow up through my camera lens. Ya’ll are just a precious family! :)

And, to finish up our morning, we photographed Bryant in his Great-Grandfather’s rocking chair. I just LOVE every one of these photos. Cutie-pie! :)

How do I love this next one? Oh, let me count the ways! :)

Now, y’all know how very much I love photographing sisters!! :) I had another amazing opportunity to photograph another set of beautiful sisters and their parents at the Arlington Town Square the other night. Sweet Sarah and Emma were just amazing to shoot…beautiful smiles, great clothing choices (go Mom…LOVE the boots!), and lots of laughter. The laughter part was mostly in thanks to Dad, please note example photo below:

Hahahha!! I just LOVE it when families show up ready to have fun and enjoy the session. This is what it is all about. Making memories and capturing our families as they are. Thank you for sharing your sweet girls and family with me, “A” family. You guys were just great and I loved meeting you. Enjoy your sneak peek! So, so many more to come. Seriously, these girls cannot take a bad photo! :)

I’ve have been so very excited about photographing out at “The Farm” again and now I remember why! We had a great Mini Session evening on Friday! Lighting was beautiful, families were smiling, and children were happy as they climbed on the tractor, feed the chickens and picked wildflowers! It was a great night! So, without further chit-chat on my part, I’m just going to share the sneak peek with you! Thank you to all the families involved in helping to make a great night! So much fun!

First up, two sisters who I’ve been photographing for almost 5 years! Hard to believe that the oldest was only 6 months at our first session together. She just turned 5 and is ready to start Kindergarten! Crazy! Love these sweet girls! :)

Next up was two twin sisters that are book-ended by their big brother and baby brother! Always fun with this family and I love their spunk! :)

I was so excited to meet this next young man! He’s the son of a college friend and the same age as my little boy! I had never photographed him before, and really enjoyed getting to know him better! Great kid you’ve got there, “Crockett”!! :)

And, the final group of the night was the “H” family! Mrs.”H” is one of the many phenomenal teachers at my children’s school. It was an honor to meet her family and photograph them. We just laughed and had a great time hanging out! I loved watching their interactions and laughter together! :)