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It’s Coming!

February 27, 2012

Believe it or not, it is almost here! Spring and Summer portrait sessions are right around the corner. If you are like me you have seen the first signs of Spring around town this week with the blooms of daffodils,Bradford pear trees, and even flip-flops on feet! :) It’s coming…those photo sessions full of green grass, bright flowers, rosy red cheeks flushed with the heat of the day, bare feet, sundresses, and newborn babies basking in the warm sun! I’ve pulled out just a few of my favorites from Spring and Summer sessions from years past to inspire you!

Only a few Saturday spots remain but plenty of availibility still abounds! Get scheduled now before the weather warms up and everything turns green and everyone else starts wanting to get scheduled. NOW is the time to have your pick of dates and location! Email to schedule your session today! I can’t wait!! :)

Welcome, Alice Mae!

February 22, 2012

Sometimes, the words just won’t come to me and I just wish that you could see into my heart as that is the only true way that you would see my joy about this sweet little girl! Meet Alice Mae, youngest daughter of my little sister, Connie, and her great husband, Adam and littlest new sister to my nieces Olivia, almost 10, and Lucy, 7.5 years. This family is IN LOVE with their new little gift from God and who can blame them? Look how adorable she is!! I was privileged enough to be with Alice the moment that she made her entrance into this world….there are no words for the joy!! And, to make it even more awesome, Alice is named after our amazing “Gram” whom we all miss every single day, so you can imagine the emotions. I am so very happy for this little family and the addition that Alice has made in their lives. What a true testament to faith in God! “Every good and perfect gift is from above.” James 1:17 Such a small statement but oh so powerful. Connie and family, I love you and am so happy for all of you! :)

I had the hardest time picking out my favorite images of the 3 girls…so I picked ALOT!¬†Just a glimpse of the JOY these sisters feel over their little sister. Tears of happiness have been shed and belly laughs of joy, too!!

Check out the shirts Aunt Jodie made for them. Love it! “Lil Sis”, “Big Sis” and “Big Big Sis” :)

Don’t you just LOVE all the hair on little Alice? Amazing amounts of hair for a newborn! And a little newborn grin, too. I think this next one is my favorite of her.

And, finally, the one photo I can hardly look at without tears filling my eyes. The photo behind baby Alice is one of my grandmother, Alice, when she was young. This is how I envision her up in heaven now…young and beautiful and happily looking over all our shoulders from up above. I know that Gram will especially watch her little namesake. :)

Welcome, Tanner!

February 9, 2012

Oh, precious baby boy!! Welcome to little Tanner! Remember this beautiful couple?¬†Well, if you thought they were gorgeous, you need to take a look at this beautiful little boy, Tanner Warren! At only 5 -days-“new” Tanner was such a little champ for his portrait session yesterday. I just love his big eyes, grumpy little ol’ man face, and sweet newborn grins. Ahhh, perfection! Tanner’s Daddy is in the Air Force and we incorporated some photos just for that purpose. Love the one where his Dad’s hat is lying across him while he holds Dad’s dog tags. Someday very soon they’ll be saying how they cannot believe how tiny he once was that the hat fit across his entire body! Shelby and Chris, I am so very happy for you and congratulations on your precious gift from God! :)

Happy little grin! :)

Welcome, Daniel!

February 7, 2012

Sweet little Daniel has joined this precious family and now these two proud parents have three handsome sons and one beautiful little girl! Following in the footsteps of previous photo sessions of her first three children, Daniel’s mom requested that we mostly do black and white photographs on a black backdrop so that they would match. It was fun to do something different than my “normal” newborn session and took me back to my early days of my photography career when I used this backdrop for almost every indoor session that I did. Daniel is gorgeous and his siblings were SO good for their photos with him. I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon with you guys. Congratulations on your precious baby boy! I’m so happy for you all! :)