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If you were in Memphis this past weekend, you will know what I am talking about when I mention the CRAZY winds we had all weekend long. These winds were so strong and gusty! I had this session planned for months with my next door neighbor and good friend, Kim, and wasn’t about to let some wind get in my way. Wind can be quite a challenge when four of the six people you are photographing have beautiful long hair! :)  But…We did it! We somehow managed to hide out among the buildings in the Arlington Town Square, and captured some awesome photos of this great family! Believe it or not, I had a really tough time picking which ones to blog there are so many great ones. I am so blessed to have such great neighbors! Take a look at this amazing family…

Wow! What an exciting time for my sweet friends Katie and Jeremy! They just welcomed their fourth child, little Beau, into their family just about two weeks ago. I have had the joy of photographing Katie’s first two children on their 2-year-old birthdays in their little white outfits. This year, it was Mr.Hampton’s turn.

So after we finished up with little Hamp, we made our best attempt at a new family photo! I just love this family so much and couldn’t be happier for them. Congratulations to all of you! I just know there are so many fun memories to be made with your fun family of four! :)

“Sisters, Sisters”…

November 14, 2011

It’s almost Christmas time and when thinking of titles for this blog post about two sisters and their families, I immediately thought of that song from the movie “White Christmas” entitled “Sisters”! Love that song as it makes me smile! Just like these two families make me smile, too. I had the pleasure of photographing two sisters and their families this weekend at their parents fantastic home! Seriously a photographer’s dream. And it didn’t hurt that the families were just sweet, charming and gorgeous! First up for the day was my first time to photograph little 8-month-old Sophie! So petite and dainty and stinkin’ adorable. I loved her sweet smile! And, add in her beautiful mom and dad and you get magic! :)

And once I finished with the first gorgeous family, the second beautiful family arrived with Sophie’s cousins Kaitlyn and A.J. We quickly snapped a few of the three cousins together. It’s pretty amazing that these two little baby cousins are only 2.5 weeks apart! Love it! :)

I last photographed Kaitlyn and A.J. when little A.J. was a newborn. I cannot believe what a big boy he has become! I just love this fun family and always enjoy spending time with them. I love the colors in their photos and am so very happy with the results. Love!! :)




When I was a little girl, I remember at family functions my Grandmother would pause and look around the room at our big family. She would then look over at my Grandfather and say something along the lines of “Honey, will you look at what we have done?” She was so proud of all of us and she loved that it all started just because her and my grandfather fell in love. I couldn’t help but to think of that when I was photographing this family last week. All because these two right here fell in love:

All of this happened! I know that they are so VERY proud of their family!

I had such a wonderful time hanging out with all of them. You’ll probably recognize my little friends Matthew and Lainey and their awesome parents. I so enjoyed getting to meet the rest of the “T” family the other night. Truly some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. They just laughed and had fun together! Can’t ask for anything more than that. I hope you all love your little sneak peak. So many more great ones to come! :)

A few with the entire bunch:

Mothers and Daughters…

Kayleigh and Jackson…

And, my sweeties Matthew and Lainey…

Such a lovely family…have I said that yet? :) Thanks, y’all!

Beautiful Taylor…

November 14, 2011

I just love this time of year! The leaves are changing, the weather is beautiful, and pretty little girls start showing up at my photo sessions with their Christmas dresses on! That can only mean one thing, Christmas is around the corner! :) I met up with 3-year-old Taylor and her fun parents the other morning at the Botanic Gardens. It was one of those rather chilly Fall mornings and poor Taylor was freezing! It took a while for her to “warm up”, poor baby girl. Once we got her mind off of her being so cold, we ended up with some fun photos, great smiles, and pensive big-eyed looks that I just love. Sweet girl! Enjoy!

Oh my goodness! I LOVE THIS SESSION! These boys are sooo funny and just a joy to be around. These are the sons of my dear friends, Brian and Laura, and I just adore these little hams. They are all boy…rambunctious, moving around, making silly faces, laughing at “those” words…all boy! But, there’s just something so charming and adorable about their personalities that make you just want to hang out with them all day long. I cannot imagine the amount of laughter that must happen on a daily basis at their home because of their little jokes. Just love it! I dare you not to smile as you look at these. And, just remember, these are just a small taste of all the fun faces and “poses” their momma gets to choose from. LOVE!! :)

Allie is growing up so quickly! She is a member of our Little Gifts Newborn Club and I haven’t seen her since her Newborn Session at several days old. She is now sitting confidently, has her own sweet little personality, and is definitely not short on the smiles! I am always excited to see what goodies Allie’s mom has picked out for her gorgeous girls to wear to their sessions. She has great taste with lots of bold colors and accessories…they always look so GREAT! This time, all four of the family members got in on the action for a few family pictures as well as Allie’s sitting shots. I love the color in all these photos….just makes me happy! :) Enjoy your sneak peek! 

Happy 1st Birthday, Colleen!

November 7, 2011

Here she was, one year ago this past week:

And look at her now! Miss Colleen just turned One! I haven’t seen her since those first few days of her life. She has gotten so very big. And, she is SO smart! Talking so much for a just turned one-year-old! I love her sweet little dimples and sweet grin. It was great catching up with this sweet family and getting to love on the birthday girl. She was a trooper in the cold November temps. Happy birthday, sweet miss! :)

Love the big ol’ thoughtful eyes in this black and white…

This last one is my favorite of the day. So stinkin’ cute! :)

Oh, you know the romantic in me in just LOVING this session! I was contacted by Mrs.Shelia after she saw some photos I had done for her grandson’s senior portraits. She wanted to know if I might consider doing a session with her and her husband, Mr.Ronald. She wanted to have something special to give to her children. She wanted to celebrate 48 years of being married!! Wow! That is amazing. She wanted to celebrate the love that she and her husband share and that God has been so good to them. I LOVE IT! And, I just loved these two. Reminded me so very much of my sweet grandparents who are no longer with me. I just adore a good love story, and this absolutely is one! Mrs.Shelia and Mr.Ronald….congratulations on 48 years! What a special accomplishment! It was plain to see how much you both care for each other. Love is such a gift! :)”Every good and perfect gift comes from above.” James 1:17

Their cute little dog, Lily, joined us for a few. What a sweetie!

I have to explain this last one, because I just think this is the best idea! Mrs.Shelia brought along a photograph that they had taken the day of their wedding as they were leaving the church. They were getting into their “get-away car” and the photographer captured a photo much like the one below. She wanted to try and re-create that same pose…48 years later! I think they look great! I would never have guessed 48 years have passed. Thanks again for allowing me to share in this moment! :)

You have to just fall in love with this one! Who doesn’t love a sweet baby boy? And, then add in one with big ol’ melt your heart eyes, a wobbly little sitter, and a little boy ball cap?! This session doesn’t need many words. Just check out the cuteness of this little one and you’ll see what I’m talking about! Loved meeting you guys. Enjoy your sneak peek of this precious lil’ guy! :)