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Welcome, Asher!

October 26, 2011

Oh my, another precious little boy has arrived! I’ve been very busy lately, but haven’t photographed a newborn in several weeks. So, I was super excited to head over to capture 8-day-old Asher. It was a gorgeous fall day, and we took advantage of the lovely weather and captured several shots outdoors. I love going to a session when the family has ideas and thoughts of their own that they’d like to incorporate. I just think that having personal items to use makes the session so much more personal. Asher was the perfect little gentleman and I loved my time spent with this little treasure. :) Enjoy!!

LOVED this idea of hollowing out a pumpkin! Perfect fall photo of a sweet little boy!

And, last but not least, Asher’s 4-month-old cousin, Fisher (also a 1:17 baby himself as a newborn) was at the house observing the excitement, so we couldn’t resist putting him into the basket with Asher for a “cousin photo”. Oh my word…Precious!!

Lovely Little Lacy and Lexi!

October 26, 2011

Look at these two precious little sisters! They are long-time and faithful customers of mine, and even though I see them more often than not, I still cannot believe how big they are getting. We had ALOT of laughs yesterday, and I loved my time spent with them. Little Lexi just turned 2 years old, and the majority of the session was focused on her 2-yr-old pictures, but we did change toward the end and grabbed a few with big sister, Lacy. Thanks, as always for the fun morning little ones! :)

My favorite of the day! Just pure fun and love, right there! :)

Don’t you just love…

October 24, 2011

when you have an idea, a thought, dare I say “a dream” and everything just happens just the way you imagine? I sure do! We moved into our home over three years ago. My great room is a big room with a two-story ceiling. So, to make anything appear like it is the appropriate size, you have to think BIG! So, I’ve been wishing, hoping and dreaming about this particular wall for quite a while…

It was B.O.R.I.N.G!! I had been wanting to do a “real” family photo session for quite some time and knew that this wall would be perfect for displaying those portraits. Our family’s favorite place to be is the beach. Now, I have done photo sessions in the past for my family where I was the photographer, and well, let’s just say it didn’t work out so well. Somehow, me sprinting across the sand to jump into a pre-designated spot after pushing the self-timer button on my camera on the tripod just didn’t really get me the results for which I was looking. And, I’m just like the rest of you. I kept putting it off for probably the same reasons that you do. I didn’t know what to wear…the pressure! I wanted to loose 50 pounds…yeah, right! I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend the money…yeah, I think that way, too! :) But, I finally made up my mind that enough was enough! I needed to have photos for my children in which I was actually in the photos and not just behind the camera. So, I went on a mission and found the phenomenal Patsy Brown and fell in love with her work! We had a wonderful time back in June at our session with Patsy which took place at both the beach as well as Fort Pickens in Pensacola. If you missed my sneak peek on her blog, you can find it here! I cannot say enough wonderful things about the talent Miss Patsy has. She is AWESOME!! Love! You must go check her out next time you are heading to the beach!!

So, then, I did another thing that my customers do. I received the photos and saw the amazing blog…and…wait for it…did NOTHING with them!!! Crazy, I know! I again found myself to be overwhelmed with all the amazing options I had. But, I did have an idea. I knew I wanted my amazingly talented business partners over at Liv ‘n’ Lu Frames to help me with my little project. I took quite awhile deciding on what colors, styles, sizes, etc. that I wanted to use. However, leave it to Connie and Adam over at Liv ‘n’ Lu. They were amazing in helping me come up with a phenonmal look to complete the photos that Patsy had taken. I could not be more thrilled with the results. If your photos are still in your box, please contact Liv ‘n’ Lu Frames and let them create something amazing for you!

Finally, my room is complete! I just love looking up and seeing my family every day! :)

Sarah and Ellie Grace!

October 24, 2011

I’ve known both of these beautiful girls since they were moments old, and I love them as if they were my very own! These are the daughters of my best friend, Steffanie and her husband, Jason. Sarah is literally growing up before my very eyes, and is such a smart and beautiful little girl. And, Miss Ellie, is just a cutie! She practically lives at my house and is my little Isabella’s best buddy! I haven’t photographed them in almost two years. So, last week during Fall Break we took advantage of a beautiful day, dressed them up, and they came over for a quick shoot in my backyard. I am thrilled with our results, and Stef, hope you are, too! Your babies are so gorgeous! Enjoy! :)

Miss Sarah…

Miss Ellie Grace…

Love these girls!!

Saturday was absolutely an amazingly beautiful fall day here and the perfect opportunity to complete our last Mini Session of 2011! We started out early in the morning and went straight through until lunch! I was blessed enough to have my sweet mom along as my helper this time and so enjoyed working with her!! And, as always, our 1:17 families came dressed to impress, with smiles and happy attitudes, and knocked these sessions out of the park! I am thrilled with our results and happy to share the sneak peek! Hang on tight…lots of cuteness heading your way! Thanks for a wonderful day everyone! :)

Hollis, Anders and Neely…

October 14, 2011

Oh, joy! Take a look at these sweet babies! Meet 3-year-old twins Hollis and Anders and their sweet baby sister, little 10-month-old Neely. I haven’t seen the twins in a couple of years and had never met little Neely, so it was such fun seeing them “all grown up” and meeting their sweet new addition. Three little ones ages 3 and under can sometimes be challenging, but these three sweet ones came along with plenty of helpers and lots of smiles! We made it work and I am thrilled with our results. Sara, thank you for sharing your precious loves with me. I hope you enjoy this little sneak peek! :)

Sweet little Hollis…love her cutie-pie grin!And, the brother of the group, adorable Anders…

And, sweet baby girl Neely…

Sadie Ann and Family…

October 14, 2011

I look forward to this session every year! Meet gorgeous Sadie Ann…my little model! :) I think she has just as much fun as I do at this yearly event. This girl simply cannot take a bad photo and she comes ready to play and laugh and just enjoy our time together. She always brings along her parents for a few family shots, too. And, it’s easy to see where Sadie Ann gets her gorgeous looks. Sadie Ann’s mom is Amy Wells, the brilliant jewelry designer who makes all the photo jewelry that we sell here at 1:17 Photography. If you haven’t looked recently at our fabulous jewelry offerings, stop what you are doing right now and go on over to take a look! Just follow the link! Also, take a moment to look at Amy’s fabulous offerings, too. Her work is amazing! But for now, enjoy this little sneak peek at sweet Sadie Ann and her parents! :)

Olivia and Carter…

October 14, 2011

I’ve said it before…sometimes everything just falls perfectly into place and a session is just perfection! Olivia and Carter’s mom and dad are some lucky parents because we had just such a session with these two cuties! I’ve been photographing these two for many years and we just fell into a great place. We were all comfortable, the kids were happy, the weather was gorgeous and there was no stress involved at all! YAY! It really does help a session to move along smoothly when the family is relaxed and ready to have fun with me. I had a tough time picking my favorites for this session! That’s a great problem to have. Olivia and Carter, y’all are awesome and really make me love my job! Enjoy your sneak peek! Lots more great ones to come! :)

Big families with lots of kids can be such fun! At times, they can be a real challenge for a photographer, but not this family! Not a bit! They arrived at the shoot dressed fabulously and ready to make things happen! I loved it! This sweet family are some “old” neighbors of ours, and we miss seeing them all the time. They’ve added the two babies to their family since we’ve lived close by, so it was a joy to spend time getting to know them as well as catching up with the big brother and sister I lived down the street from for years! All four are just GORGEOUS children, with great personalities and smiles to match. It was just a wonderful evening together. Thanks for sharing your family with me again, Brooke and Gary. Loved seeing all of them! And, if my vote counts, I think you need at least one more! You two make beautiful children! 😉 Enjoy your sneak peek!

Baby Griffin at almost six months:

Joyous 4-year-old Emily:

Quiet and thoughtful, 11-yr-old, Noah along with beautiful 15-year-old Katie:

A couple of sibling shots, too. So many more great ones to come! :)



October 11, 2011

Boys, boys, boys! These two sweet boys are the true definition of a little rough and tumble little boy! 2-year-old Brennan and 4-yr-old Brandt are the sons of a friend of mine from college, and I had such a great time playing with them last week. They just made me smile and laugh the entire time. I love their adorable little expressions and their interactions together. This first one is my favorite from the day. The little one has pretzels in his mouth, but they are just having a moment here of pure joy from wrestling with their dad. LOVE!! Heather and Jason, your boys are so great. Thanks for sharing them with me! :)