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Coco is One Year Old!

June 30, 2011

Another Little Newborn Club Baby has turned One! Remember Miss Coco at her newborn session? So sweet…

Well, look at her now!

It is utterly amazing to me how very much these sweet babies change within their first year. Coco is such a beautiful little girl with sweet smiles. She loves to clap, loves laughing at her brother, and has definitely stolen her Mom and Dad’s hearts. It’s been such a joy to watch her grow and capture these milestones in her first year of life. Happy, happy Birthday to you, Coco!! :)

And since I was there, we captured a few of big brother, Sam, as well as a family picture, too. Love ’em! A true picture of this family as they are at this moment in time…

Jack and Sarah!

June 28, 2011

Oh, what a gorgeous session this turned out to be! Sometimes, I when I leave a session I can hardly wait to get home and download the photos to see the results because I just know that they turned out good. This was one of those sessions. Two adorable children, two gorgeous parents, beautiful light, perfect wardrobe choices, temps just warm enough to give everyone a “glow”, and one sweet family! Awesome! Jack is 6 and Sarah is almost 3 and both are beautiful and fun children. I haven’t seen them in almost 2 years and I couldn’t believe how much they’d all grown up…that happens! :) I adore everything about this session and am so happy for you all that they turned out so great. Shea and Laurie, just so you know, the pics after “the event” of the evening did turn out really cute, I just had so many cute ones from before the clothes change that I chose to highlight them here! I struggled with choosing which ones to blog because there were just so many great ones. Yay! So many more beautiful ones to come soon. Thanks for sharing your sweet family with me! Enjoy!

Hudson and Emery

June 24, 2011

I am always amazed at how blessed I am in having beautiful families to photograph. This family was no exception! Not only were they gorgeous, but also fun and laid back. A perfect combination for a photo shoot on a hot summer day. Hudson, the 4 year old charmer, kept me laughing the entire photo session with his cute poses and silly faces. Then, sweet Emery…oh little cutie-pie! This was one sweet little miss who was SO focused on learning to crawl that we had a hard time keeping her interested in much else. She was ready to be on the GO! Thank you, Amy and Mitch, for sharing your family with me. Hope you love your sneak peek! :)

And then there were 7!

June 24, 2011

Grandchildren, that is! Wow! I’ll have to admit, knowing I had a group of 7 little ones on my schedule was definitely a bit intimidating to say the least. But, I shouldn’t have worried because this group of cousins was just perfect! I’ve grown up in church with the parents of these children and it was such fun to be able to capture them all for Ms.Vicki and Mr.Ronnie. They all did such a wonderful job and were gorgeous in their blues and browns. Beautiful family, beautiful children and sweet memories! Enjoy!

I love this one! Pure love and laughter!

And, finally, a few of each group of siblings!

Reed rides solo!

June 22, 2011

When you are the youngest of 4 children, I would guess that it’s not very often you get to have moments all to yourself! :) I have photographed Reed before with his big brother and sisters, but this week it was all about him. Just him. The baby of the family. His cute little hands with fat dimples. His cute laugh. His adorable little crinkle-nose smile when he looks at his Momma. And, his BIG BLUE EYES! oh my! Swoon. Loved it! Reed, I so enjoyed getting to hang out with you and your mom. You are a blessed little boy to have such a great family! Enjoy your sneak peek!

Wes and Jake…

June 22, 2011

What a sweet family of little boys! Meet 2-year-old, Wes and his new little 3-month-old little brother, Jake! Photographing children these ages definitely has its challenges, but these sweet boys did such a great job the other night. I so enjoyed meeting little Wes with his charming little smile, eagerness to please his parents, and constant on-the-go movement as he explored the world around him. And, precious little Jake…oh my! This little blue-eyed boy is so adorable and had the sweetest smile, especially for his Mommy! Gotta love a Mommy smile. :) Thanks for sharing your boys with me, Tori and Daniel. You have a beautiful family!

And it’s a…

June 20, 2011

BOY! I just did JenaBeth and Eric’s maternity pictures and boom! Their little baby boy decided to make his appearance only a few days later and 3 weeks before his due date. Meet Fisher David…all 6 pounds 1 oz at birth! This is one beautiful and sweet baby boy! He was so very good for our session on Saturday when he was only 3 days old. Oh, the sweetness of heaven right there. I just loved watching this Momma and Daddy with their new little gift from God and seeing how much he is already so very loved. I could go on and on, but there’s really no need for more words when this little guy is so adorable. Congratulations, JB and Eric! So happy for your new little family of 3! :)

Mr.Jeremiah! Love this little cutie pie! I can hardly believe how quickly he is growing up. Seems like just yesterday he was looking like this:And, now he is sitting like a champ, smiling his adorable little charming smile, and most definitely has his Mommy and Daddy wrapped around his cute little fingers! :) But, who can blame them when they get to see this little face every day? How could you not fall in love? Jeremiah did so good at his session and I was so proud of him. It was past his bedtime, the temps were beyond what any reasonable person should have to sit through and still look “fresh”, and he’d been not feeling so hot days before. However, he was a little rock star and showed up big time for his big moment. I am so very happy with our results and still so happy for Jon and Miranda! Love you guys! Enjoy your sneak peek! :)

Love the innocent look of this one!Check out this baby’s eyelashes! Why is it that the boys always have these amazing lashes?

Cutie Jeffrey!

June 9, 2011

Y’all are gonna love this little cutie! Meet 2-yr-old Jeffrey! This little guy just stole my heart with his big blue eyes, and sweaty blonde hair and red cheeks. He is just CUTE! He had a great time playing in Arlington the other night and was such a little trooper in temps that were less than ideal for a photo session. He loves his tractor! He loves his cowboy boots! And, he loved me telling him not to smile. :) Proof that I am funny…at least to some…as he couldn’t stop laughing at me every time I said it. Thanks for letting capture your little man and I hope you enjoy your sneak peek! :)


June 9, 2011

Meet Eric and JenaBeth! They are about to become parents for the first time in just a few weeks! Such an exciting time full of anticipation and joy! And, to make it even more exciting, no one knows the gender of the little one in JenaBeth’s belly nor have they told anyone their name choices yet. I love it! I will have the joy of photographing this little one’s newborn photos soon and cannot wait to see who he/she is and what his/her name will be. I’m a big fan of surprises! :) But, for now, we get to see how beautiful a pregnant woman can be. JenaBeth was truly “glowing” for this session and her sweet hubby Eric obviously adores her. She was such a trooper to be 8+ months pregnant out in ridiculous heat and did it all with a smile! Thank you, JenaBeth and Eric for allowing me the privilege of capturing this moment in time for you. I know that I am one of many, but I cannot WAIT to meet your little one! :)