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Welcome, sweet Kiser!

November 23, 2010

Oh my goodness, this little lady! Sooo very sweet! So very new, only four days! So very, very loved! I made the drive out to Nesbit, Mississippi today to photograph the newborn daughter of one of my college friends. I loved everything about this session. I loved that little Kiser has an amazingly “crazy” head full of hair! I love that her Mom, Megan, had so many fun hats, dresses, blankets and props all ready for me to use….just wish we had more time to use them all! I think after about 2 hours Miss Kiser had enough! She was such a good little girl! I love that Kiser had so much family at the session to watch her. Her “Grams”; plus,her aunt and uncle and cousins all the way from Colorado! I love that her sweet Daddy was so worn out (and kind enough to want to stay out of our way) that he went to sleep in the master bedroom closet! Gotta love a Daddy like that! I love that God designed us to love our family from the very first moments! Kiser is so very loved and she’s only hours old. Isn’t it amazing how God made us that way? What a wonderful Thanksgiving this family has in store! So very much to be thankful for! Welcome, Kiser! You are one blessed little angel! :)

She started out the day wide awake and looking straight at me! Love those big eyes!

Sweet pearls! Don’t you love them? :)

And, you know, I think I am starting a trend on capturing newborn smiles! This one’s a keeper! Even a little dimple, I think! I think her smile is all you, Megan! :)

And then…we played dress-up with hats! So.much. FUN!!

And, finally, my personal favorite…the Christmas hat! Isn’t this just awesome! Kiser’s Grandmother made this just for her! Happy Holidays, everyone!

Happy 1st Birthday Eli!

November 15, 2010

Eli is one! Happy Birthday little guy! It’s so hard to believe that it was just a year ago that Eli first arrived and I was photographing him for his newborn session. I know if it seems like just yesterday to me, it must really seem like that to his parents. Eli is so sweet! Poor guy was just getting over a bad illness and was a little clingy at first. We decided to stick with it and as the morning went on he seemed to do much better. So many sweet ones to choose from for this session. I really had a hard time picking the ones to blog. Hope you love them as much as I do, Laura and Josh! Eli is a special little guy to have you guys in his life! I know it’s been a rough road lately and I hope that these photographs bring you much joy! :)

Ryan and his Mommy!

November 15, 2010

Boys love their momma! I’ve always heard it and it is so very true. I met up with Ryan and Elizabeth last week for a quick session to capture some special mother/son moments. These two are so sweet together. I just loved Ryan! Such a soulful little guy with eyes that’ll tell you stories without saying a word! I think that these will always be very special to these two. It was fun to focus on their relationship and try to freeze it in time. 😉

First a few with Ryan alone. You know that I’ve gotta get these eyes! Whoa! My favorite below is the one where he is just striking a pose at me. Not smiling a bit, but love, love, love the look!

And, the ones with beautiful Elizabeth! My favorite is the one where he is looking up at her. How sweet!


November 15, 2010

A boy and his “Blankey”! Meet Whitt and his constant friend, Blankey! Love it! Having a daughter myself that is almost 7 years old and still loves her blanket, I love that we captured Whitt with his special love. These portraits will be so very dear to his parents someday. The sweetness of that cute little face wrapped up next to the softness of the blanket….aww, sigh….love!! Whitt is all boy and a busy one at that! Our purpose at this session, besides capturing Whitt himself, was to get some special ones of he and his gorgeous momma. Amy is so beautiful and photogenic. We both had to work and chase Whitt around pretty good to get him still for some shots, but we worked it out! I can tell how very much fun this family has together and how very much Mr.Whitt is loved. Thanks guys, for sharing your adorable little man with me. He just makes me smile! :)

A few with his Mommy!

And, finally, Daddy showed up for a few, too. They had fun making a big bear hug and a squishy out of Whitt! :)

Cooper & crew!

November 13, 2010

Oh, how I love to photograph cute little boys! Cooper fits that description perfectly! A precious combination of big, blue eyes and a little shy personality and he just charmed me right away! Such a good boy and, oh, how he loved his momma! Gotta love that! Cooper, his mom and dad and myself enjoyed a warm Fall morning this week out at Arlington Town Square. Cooper smiled his way the whole way through! It was plain to see the joy this little guy brings to his parents, and my hope is that someday in the future his Mom and Dad will look fondly back at these moments! Whitney and Rusty, thank you for sharing your family with me! Enjoy your sneak peek! :)

John & Lali…and family!

November 13, 2010

Loved this family! Mom told me within the first few minutes that she wanted to warn me that her kids can be quite difficult to get good pictures of! Good thing for all of us, her sweet and lovely little ones proved her wrong! We had a fabulous session together and just enjoyed the morning! I love how very much this family loved each other. It was just a joy to be in their presence! Little Lali is so sweet and kept asking if she could come to my house to play! HA! Love it! And little John, such a charmer and the cutest little grin! My favorites from this session were the ones when I just told everyone to give a big hug to each other. It’s almost like they just melted into one big happy hug! I hope you all enjoy your sneak peak!! :)

My buddies, Ella and Holden!

November 9, 2010

I love, love this family! I’ve been photographing Ella for many years and she always brings a big smile to my face. For the last couple of sessions, little brother Holden is always a part of our fun and he is just hilarious! Ella and Holden are just FUN kids and I know this comes from having such a fabulous momma and daddy! I loved watching their mom, Angela, work her magic with them the other day. She knew just how to make them do what she wanted, but not once did she get frustrated or overwhelmed…at least it seemed that way to me! These kids are beautiful! I love the relationship we have year after year and the sweet hugs of remembrance I get from them! Thanks for making me laugh guys and for making me realize yet again how very much I love what I do. Enjoy your sneak peek! :)

Ethan, Caleb and family!

November 9, 2010

Tis the season for family photographs! If asked, I’d say that I specialize in the portraits of children. That is my “thing” and what I do best! I’ve had several sessions recently, however, that there was a specific request for no individual portraits of the child and just to focus on the family! A fun change! This past Saturday was just beautiful in Memphis and I was so glad that I had photo sessions scheduled! Gave me a great excuse to get outdoors and play! I met up first on Saturday with this sweet family! These two sweet brothers were too cute together! Put Mom and Dad into the picture and everything is complete! The fall colors were a bit hard to find this year due to the drought, however, we hunted them down! Mom’s choice of some great clothing colors helped add to the beauty of the season. Amanda and Matt, thanks for a fun afternoon. You have a great family. Enjoy! :)

The Camera Changes Hands!

November 9, 2010

After being in business for about 5 years now, there’s not too much that gets me nervous and my stomach in knots before a photo session anymore. However, having been asked by another photographer to capture her family on film….now that’ll do it!! :) I was so honored and privileged to be asked by my friend  and fellow photographer from Covington, TN, Emily Peyton Cook. Emily told me that she started a tradition of having another photographer photograph her family for her each year. I do believe that this is the first session I have ever done where not once did I photograph the child by himself! That’s a first for sure!

Emily, her hubby Zach, and their little man Jonah are so great! It was a joy to spend the morning wandering around Covington Town Square photographing them. The love they have for each other and for Jonah was so obvious! It was so fun for me because Emily already knew which places she wanted as well as which spots “worked” for the light! Sweet! It was, however, a brutally windy and cold day so that added a bit of a challenge to the situation. :)

Emily, I have so enjoyed getting to know you! You are an amazing and talented artist with a heart for the Lord that I so admire! I hope these images bring you joy when you see them!

Welcome, Emily!

November 9, 2010

A new baby is always such a blessing! But, when she comes into a family that has two siblings old enough to adore and appreciate her…that’s the BEST! Sweet Emily made her debut into this adorable family last week and is already the little star of the show. This little darling came into the world at nearly 10 pounds! She made fabulous little newborn photographs because of her full cheeks and little chubby belly and legs. I was in love! She was such a good little girl and behaved like a little angel. We started the day with a few of her all alone and she was so beautiful. Then, in came her charming big brother, Samuel, and precious little lady, big sister, Lynlee! This family was just so sweet and their love for each other was so real you could almost reach out and touch it! Just perfect in every way! Welcome, Miss Emily! You are so loved! :)