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Carrigan Grace is here!

August 30, 2010

Every time I have the opportunity to photograph a newborn, I am always amazed at God’s newest little creation. Little Miss Carrigan is the daughter of my friends, Mike and Jena. Mike is a pastor at our church and his lovely wife, Jena, has become a dear friend. I have photographed this precious family before, and so enjoyed capturing their newest addition. Carrigan is such a beautiful little baby girl and was so great for us last Friday. She was exactly two weeks old and adorable. Her big brothers just loved on her, too, and were so sweet. Thanks for allowing me into your home to photograph your sweet Carrigan. She is truly a picture of God’s grace! :)

A couple quick ones of Carrigan’s big brothers, too…

And, now, for Carrigan’s moment! Love these!!

Carrigan woke up in the middle of her session and kept looking straight at me. I love these precious eyes open portraits!

And, finally, asleep again!

Two little princesses…

August 30, 2010

These girls were so happy and pretty and fun! I loved their adorable little pink outfits. Emma Grace, Abby and I spent last Friday morning walking around their neighbors’ yards and finding neat little nooks and crannies that were perfect photo opportunities for these little princesses. Emma Grace and Abby live in a beautiful neighborhood and have such kind neighbors to let us dance, pose, and play and capture some beautiful images. I always enjoy the sweetness of sisters and these two are no exception! :)

How cute is this little laugh? :) Love it!

Finally, a quick outfit change for a few different ones…

Denise and Tim and crew!

August 30, 2010

“We brought the whole crew!” That’s what Denise said to me as she climbed out of a big SUV. And, then, all these gorgeous people started coming out of the car, too. Kinda like those clown cars where they are all squished up in there and you wonder how many more are going to come out? Ha! Loved it. Meet the absolutely gorgeous Tim and Denise and their sweet families. Tim and Denise have a long-distance romance that stretches all the way from Tennessee to California! When Tim was in town last week with his boys, it was the perfect opportunity for a photo session of these two families together. We had a wonderful evening traipsing through Arlington Town Square capturing this beautiful group of people. Thanks, Denise, for asking me to photograph you guys! I just loved meeting everyone and had a wonderful time working with all of you! :)

First, a few of the whole gang!

Denise and her beautiful children…

Tim and his cute boys…I adore the one of the boys laughing! Such fun!

Megan and her honey, Josh…

And, finally, the amazingly gorgeous Tim and Denise! Is it possible to have two people any more photogenic than these two? I’m not sure! :)


August 30, 2010

Beautiful Kaitlyn! She has the most genuine and big smile that just warms my heart! One late summer evening last week, Kaitlyn and I played in the backyard of her grandparents’ home. And, let me tell you, this was an absolute gorgeous place for photographs. I was so excited when Kaitlyn’s mommy asked me to do the session there as it is a treasure chest full of little gems to photograph. I love when customers use their own home or a family member’s home for their photo session as it just adds another whole level of comfort for the child and a fun new place for me to explore and create. There are soooo many beautiful photographs from this session that I had a hard time just choosing a few. Kaitlyn, thanks for playing with me the other night! It was a blast and you are such a sweet young lady! :)

Little Lexi!

August 30, 2010

Lexi is that perfect age…four! I had the best time last week with Lexi and her sweet parents. We were all so grateful for a break in the heat and enjoyed our session together so much. Lexi had a ball performing and posing for the camera. It was all a fun game to her and I think she really enjoyed herself, too. We did a few of her alone and some with Mom and Dad, too. I loved that Lexi’s mom choose to bring along a “fun” outfit for the end of the session. It was just the thing to get a tired little girl back into the spirit of the session and to grab some fun and relaxed portraits in an outfit especially perfect for a four year old princess! :)

The Happy Heart! Fall 2010

August 21, 2010

I absolutely ADORE The Happy Heart Clothing shop in Arlington, TN! These ladies have simply amazing taste in children’s clothing. The clothes are absolutely P.E.R.F.E.C.T for a portrait session. Perfect! I had the fun opportunity to spend some time yesterday morning with these beautiful children who had the fun job of modeling these clothes for me so that I could shoot just a little of the examples of the Fall clothing line they now have in their store. This is my third time to get to do this for The Happy Heart and it is just the most fun time! The kids did such a fabulous job in the clothes that had to be hot for them because, let’s face it, it was 100 degrees yesterday and not quite the time yet for coats, hats and sweaters. :)

This is just a sampling of the fun we had yesterday. This is quite a long post but I had so many things I just LOVED that I couldn’t stop proofing them to share with all of you. Please, go and visit Happy Heart soon! You’ll be happy you did. And, my customers for this fall…note to you:  Wondering what to wear for your upcoming session?? See below! Visit Happy Heart and problem solved! See, now we are all happy! :)

Yes, these are my nieces, and, yes they are stinkin’ adorable! :)

My oldest niece! And, yes, she is simply beautiful, too! :)

A few for the upcoming Fall holidays…so fun!

Mandy + Ron = Love

August 20, 2010

We all have them. The friend that you’ve known for so long that you honestly cannot remember even when you met or how old you were. That is Mandy to me! While growing up, she’s always been like another little sister to me. She has just always been around. Her family and my family grew up together, vacationed together every summer, lots of fun memories! And, now that we are all grown up, Mandy is a true friend whom I dearly love. And, for the record, my friend Mandy has one of the single most AMAZING voices on earth…girl can sing like an angel, y’all, no kidding! She’s is just so beautiful inside and out. And, now, she’s madly in love, too and is getting married next weekend! I had the pleasure of photographing Mandy and her handsome hubby-to-be this week for some casual before the wedding shots, an engagement session if you will! It was a joy getting to spend time with Mandy and Ron and just photographing for the pure joy of it. Mandy, I love you, honey and couldn’t be happier for you and Ron! Happy Wedding!

I had so much fun working with grownups that didn’t require me to sing a silly song or give them a bribe. Therefore, lots and lots of fun photos for you to enjoy tonight! :) But, it’ll be easy on the eyes because Ron and Mandy are just beautiful….seriously!

Raaawr!! :)

A quick change to some black and white…love it!

And, a few with Ron’s beautiful daughter, Amber! What a sweet family!

And, finally, please note the shoes! Stylish from head to toe! :) Love you!

Beautiful Camille!

August 19, 2010

This was such a fun session to photograph! I have not photographed Camille since she was four years old. Now, she is a seven year old young lady and starting 1st grade this week! The purpose of this session was to capture this beautiful dress that Camille is wearing in the portraits. The dress was entirely handmade my Camille’s grandmother. The details on this dress were absolutely stunning. We had a great time posing and modeling and laughing together. It was so fun to reconnect and capture this important part of Camille’s world! Enjoy your sneak peek!

Expecting Excitement!

August 18, 2010

The beauty of an expectant mother is so breathtaking. The excitement in the air is just so you can almost reach out and touch it! I had the joy the other day of photographing beautiful Michelle and her sweet husband for a Maternity Session. I wish that I had the ability to describe how cute they are. So excited about the upcoming arrival of their precious little girl. Michelle is absolutely stunning! She blew me away with her confidence and beauty. I hope you enjoy a little peek into their session the other day. Stay tuned in couple of months to see their baby girl’s arrival! I get to photograph her newborn portraits, too! Happy day! :)

And, my personal favorite of the day…isn’t she just lovely?

More on the minis!

August 13, 2010

So, yesterday the big announcement for the Fall Mini Sessions were made. Click here if you missed out on the details!

As promised, I’m using today’s blog post to give you a few visuals of some images captured in each of the locations. Enjoy and be sure to contact today if you’d like to schedule your session!

A few from my home…site of the September 18th Mini Session!

The October 2nd Mini is at the lovely Arlington Town Square!

And, the final session on October 23rd will take place at a local cotton field! I think these little kids are the cutest ever…don’t you? :)

Come on, now, why are you still sitting there? Schedule today!! is the place to go! Happy Weekend everyone!