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Saturday was without a doubt a HOT summer day in Memphis! We’ve been in the midst of a heat wave that usually doesn’t happen until sometime in July or August and I have to admit it has been pretty miserable. I had two sessions scheduled Saturday morning at the Botanic Gardens and we even moved the times to as early as possible so that it wouldn’t be so awful. However, this heat almost had us all drained! But…we persevered¬†and ended up with some beautiful images for these two sweet families.

First to have the fun was Riley and John Winn. I hadn’t seen these two since last summer and could hardly believe how big they’ve gotten. Miss Riley is almost 4 and such a beauty. I adore her big brown eyes! They just make me smile. And, Mr.John Winn…he had us all running in that heat! He is every bit of the typical 18 month old little boy. Interested in everything, curious about it all, busy as can be….and not a BIT interested in me or my camera. We managed to capture some though, in spite of his best efforts to get away from me. Love this sweet family!

After my time with Riley and John Winn, I had the fun opportunity to photograph a childhood friend and her gorgeous family! Ashley and I grew up next door to each other for many, many years and her older sister was my very best friend. I have so many wonderful memories with Ashley and her sister, Amye, and it is such a joy to capture some memories of her three gorgeous children: Madison, Lindsey, and Ingram. Ingram is about the same age as John Winn and he had just about as much interest in taking photographs. ūüėČ He was a busy little guy who was SO excited about exploring the Botanic Gardens. I was definitely NOT a part of his agenda that day. HA! What I loved, though, was watching his adorable sisters and the patience and love that they had with this little guy. They just loved on him and laughed at him and patiently waited on him to be ready. Girls, you were amazing. Ashley, so happy for you that you have such a precious family! Thanks for asking me to photograph them for you again. Hope you love what you see here…

Welcome sweet Zoe!

June 29, 2010

Another beautiful baby girl has joined the world! And what a sweet family she is so blessed to have. There are some families that just kinda “oooze” love! This is one of those. You spend just a few minutes with this group and you can feel the love that these parents have for each other and their children. We spent some time in their home the other day and captured some sweet memories for them of Zoe’s first days. I really enjoyed my time with Zoe’s family and loved photographing her. Here’s today’s look at joy….

This is a chair that belongs to Zoe’s Daddy that he was rocked in as a baby! Love that they incorporated this into the shoot!

Woo-hoo! A sweet newborn smile…you know I LOVE these!

Love how Zoe is holding her Daddy’s hand in this one!¬†

I have photographed sweet and spunky Lainey since she was only a few days old. I can hardly believe its been almost three years since I went to her home and took her portrait when she was this delicate and helpless little person. And, now…wow!! Miss Lainey is such a fun little thing and has this little personality that just glows. Her family and I just laughed and laughed together the other night as she entertained us with her smiles. I love this kid! Enjoy just a little taste of Lainey and her amazing parents!

Aren’t they fun? Love this shot!!

I really, really love these last two! Personality just shines thru…

Hailey and Her Family

June 21, 2010

Isn’t it fun when life comes back around? Years ago, I used to be Hailey’s mommy’s boss! Got that? Hailey’s mom, Heather, and I worked together for many years at a fabulous school in Memphis, St.Mary’s. When Heather contacted me this spring to do some photographs of Miss Hailey and the extended family, I was so excited to reconnect with her again. Heather, your daughter is so sweet and beautiful and it was such a joy having the opportunity to capture some memories for you!

Isn’t she just stunning? ūüėČ

I had the joy and privilege of photographing two newborns last week on the same day. Both these precious little ones were born on the same day and God blessed them both by giving them wonderful families with whom they get to spend their lives!

I started my day with little Coco! Remember this family? Coco¬†is so beautiful and we struggled a bit at the beginning of the session getting her to be calm and sleepy for us. However, we quickly figured out the trick with this one…take her outside! Once we all went outside and starting shooting out there, it was so much easier! She was happy as she could be! We took many pictures to coordinate with big brother Sam’s newborn session that I did for him almost 2 years ago. Garrett, Courtney and Sam…your family is so special and I am thrilled to be back with you again for another year of cuteness! Congratulations on your precious Coco!

Next up is another new member of the Little Gifts Newborn Club, Mr.Hutton! I adore working with first time parents and this new family was no exception. Mr. Hutton had quite the audience watching his first portrait session. I think there was at least 5 or 6 family members there watching us create some beautiful photographs. It was such fun having so many people around that were getting such joy from watching this little guy. And, I have to say, that Hutton was likely the most sleepy newborn I have had to date. He was SO GOOD! We did many photographs inside and then ventured out into a breathtaking backyard garden to utilize some of God’s creation to showcase one of His newest gifts! And, before anyone gets worried, on the last photograph there’s a couple of things I need to point out: a.) We were not on the street but up inside a circular driveway and b.) There were adults all around Hutton as we very quickly shot this pic! Sarah and Craig, congratulations on a beautiful little baby. I am so looking forward to working with you this year and capturing some fun memories!

Special Delivery!!

Sweet Eleanor…

June 15, 2010

I was so excited to meet Eleanor. We have alot of connections and it was my first time to meet this little one. To simplify the connection, I guess the easiest way to say it is that she is the niece of my college roommate! Eleanor came to the session all decked out in an adorable little smocked outfit that her talented Mommy made just for the session. She was looking great! Eleanor’s biggest smiles that night came for her Daddy. How is it that every little girl loves her Daddy? :) I know I sure do love mine. Eleanor, you did a great job at your first session and made some beautiful portraits for your wonderful parents! Thanks for a great night! :)

Jackson is One!

June 15, 2010

Sweet little Jackson had a birthday last week and he is a big ONE year old now! I met up with Jackson and his mom for the 2nd installment of his baby plan, Little Gifts Newborn Club, at Memorial Park. It was a hot day and he was teething and not feeling too hot; but, he found plenty of smiles to share…especially for his Mommy! You could tell how much this little boy loved his momma! We ended up with so many great shots that will be perfect to mark this big milestone in his life. Happy Birthday to you, Jackson! :)

Houston is a big brother! One of my former Little Gifts Newborn Club members now has an adorable little baby sister. Meet Miss Campbell…beautiful, peaceful, and a great balance of pink to her brother’s blue! I love working with this family and am so very honored to be asked to document another exciting milestone for their family with the birth of Campbell. We met at Campbell’s home on Saturday and made the most of a warm, summer day by shooting some outside. It made for some gorgeous shots. However, before Campbell had her moment in the spotlight, we had to give Houston a chance to share in the limelight,too!

Now, for the lady of the day…beautiful Campbell! Welcome, baby girl! You are loved by a wonderful family and we are all glad you are here! :) This first photograph is special because it is almost exactly like her big brother’s newborn portrait on this very same bed a couple of years ago…eyes open, fist in front of mouth and everything! How fun!

Cohen is One!

June 9, 2010

If you’ve ever wondered why it is so important to have photographs taken of your children, here’s the perfect example. It’s because they can go from this teeny, tiny bundle of cuteness:

To a funny, active and so much bigger bundle of cuteness like this:

Cohen is one of our Little Gifts Newborn Club babies and has the hippest, coolest parents ever! My poor kids, I’ll never be as fab and stylish as Cohen’s mom and dad…love them! Now, to be fair, Cohen is a little older than a year and is about 18 months old. But what a difference a year can make! We had such fun playing at My Big Backyard at the Botanic Gardens on Saturday. It was pure joy to watch Cohen discover his surroundings and try to capture a little bit of who he is at this point in life. Ashley and Clark, it’s been an awesome year! I have so very much enjoyed watching your little man grow. Congrats for doing so well with such a wonderful little dude! :)

Lauren is a Senior!!

June 8, 2010

For Lauren’s senior portraits, we met up at the Botanic Gardens last week on one of those evenings that looks like it will pour down rain any second.You know those summer showers…one minute the sun is out and the next the clouds come out of nowhere. We decided to go ahead with the session as planned and I am so glad we did. We had to work quickly as it was getting darker by the minute; but, Lauren worked it and we scored some amazing shots in such a short period of time. I loved working with someone this age and enjoyed not having to sing “If you are happy and you know it!” ¬†:) Even though, I’m pretty sure Lauren she would’ve politely laughed at me because she’s just that way…awesome!¬†If any of you out there reading know a senior who’d be interested in a session, please send them my way! It was such a blast!

“I want to capture her sweetness and her loving and fun spirit.¬†Lauren has always just been a joy from birth. ¬†She is such a sweetheart, she loves to laugh and has an infectious laugh.” I love these words! These words were answered by Lauren’s mom on a questionnaire from me. Aren’t those just lovely words to hear from the mother of a teenage daughter? I must say that I agree after meeting her! Lauren you are a sweetheart, and such a trooper! Hope you enjoy these…so many more to choose from. Hope your senior year is amazing and filled with fun memories!