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Breanna…age 4!

May 27, 2010

I’m just loving 4 year olds these days! I met Miss Bree and her awesome Momma at the Botanic Garden’s “My Big Backyard” for a fun photo shoot on Saturday. I have so enjoyed watching little Breanna grow up before my camera, having first photographed her 3 years ago. This young lady will absolutely capture your heart with her smile and her spirit. She has such a sparkling personality that just draws in everyone around her. I love, love working with her! Karin, I know you are proud of her as well you should be. You’ve raised a beautiful little girl…inside and out! It is an honor to know you two! :)

Anna and Mia

May 27, 2010

Two beautiful sisters. One with personality to share that just oozes out of her. The other sweet and shy. One of the joys of working with a family year after year is that we all become very comfortable with one another. I’ve photographed these sisters for many years. Miss Ana is such fun. She loves to perform for my camera and I literally could just play with her all day long. She is the kind of child that a photographer loves to shoot as she is constantly coming up with something fun to capture. And little Mia just melts my heart. I first shot her as a newborn and she was not too happy that day. We did a couple of sessions last fall and she also was a bit “temperamental”. This past time, she started out all smiles…until I asked Anna to hug her…note to self, not a good idea! :) So, finally, because her momma and daddy trust me, Mia and I just walked away for a bit and worked together on our own with no one else around and it worked like a charm! I love you both, girls! Thanks for making my job such a joy!

This past Saturday was a very busy day. I had three sessions at the Botanic Gardens. One in the morning, two in the evening and all very different. My first session of the day was for a family with four children ages 9 months to 8 years! I’ll be honest, it is a little nerve-wracking heading into a photo session with four children as you never really know what you are going to get. I shouldn’t have worried though…this family was so adorable and well-behaved. And, believe it or not, they drove all the way from Oxford, MS to work with me. I am very humbled and really loved working with this precious crew! I just know you all will have such fun growing up together and making memories. Here’s just a few from our time together, enjoy!

Aidan and his Mommy!

May 27, 2010

Aidan’s Mommy contacted me wanting some pictures of her and the main man in her life. What a great idea! I have photographed Aidan since he was about 3 months old and now look at this little guy. He is so gorgeous and his Momma is so sweet. Just love this family! I was thrilled to do a short little Mini Session for them at my home last week. I had a blast trying out all my new little spots in our newly landscaped yard and it was such fun seeing the little spots I had imagined for my customers come to life with little Aidan. I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!

Briar and Bronson

May 22, 2010

Happiness. That’s what I see when I look at this family. Long time clients, I’ve enjoyed seeing them once a year and seeing how much they have grown-up. Its happening so quickly, too! These guys love to laugh and have fun together. And they are absolutely adorable to look at and the camera loves them. I love this first image. I know, it may not be “picture perfect” but in my mind, it is perfect. See the smiles? See the laughter? See the snuggling? See the fun? See the dirt on the bottom of his little foot? That is life and this is a little glance into their everyday life. That’s what I want to capture for you. A look into your life. A moment in time that passes by all too quickly. Thanks for a fun morning, Briar and Bronson!

The Many Faces of Ella

May 22, 2010

Beautiful Ella! Love this girl. I’ve photographed Miss Ella before but she was just a baby…and now look at this gorgeous thing! I was amazed at her personality and happiness with life. I am beginning to think that four years old is a little magical in the life of a child through my camera lens. When I look at these photographs I can clearly see a little girl, almost a baby; and, yet, at the same time I can glimpse a moment of who she has yet to become. The lovely lady that is just starting to emerge. It’s just a glimpse…but it is there. Thanks for coming to see me again, Ella. You are such fun! :)

Little Man Fox

May 22, 2010

This little guy was soo adorable. Fox looked just like a little man, and as we photographed him on the gorgeous grounds of Rhodes College, I could easily see him walking around in his little sweater vest 18 years from now as a student. :) Dad is a proud alum of Rhodes and entertained us with stories and history of the campus as we walked around taking in the beauty there. As much as I love shooting in locations that I know well, it is such fun to go someplace that I don’t get to use very often and seek out new little pockets of beauty. I say all the time how much I love my clients. I have to give a shout out to Brittany, Emily, and Carolyn for sending Fox and his sweet family my way! There’s no greater compliment than to be recommended by another customer and I am really grateful. Fox, little guy, you are so cute!

When I think about it, I can hardly believe that this family came back to work with me again. Surely they thought I was bad luck! At our last photo session about 2 years ago, sweet Jackson was still a baby and it was “one of those days” where everything seemed to go wrong. Ellie Grace wasn’t in the mood to take pictures that day and little Jackson was stung by a bee…in NOVEMBER?! It was a mess. When I mentioned this to their mom, she said “of course, I’d come back. Because even with all that you still managed to get some amazing photographs!” Awww, so sweet! See? I do have the best clients ever! Within the first three steps out the back door at the Botanic Gardens on this past Friday, little Jackson fell down and busted his head. His mom, dad and I just looked at one another and started laughing….really?! :)

Working with children definitely has its challenges. But, I wouldn’t change what I do for the world. Because, I have learned that with patience and perserverance comes some beautiful results. Jackson and Ellie Grace…you are beautiful!

Ann Dawson is One!

May 17, 2010

Well, as if you haven’t noticed…summer has definitely arrived in Memphis! I went out last Friday morning to the Botanic Gardens to capture some One Year Old portraits of Miss Ann Dawson! And it was H-O-T!!! The humidity just about did us all in, esp. Ann Dawson; but, we stuck with it and captured some gorgeous shots of this little beauty. Her smile was infectious and her laugh was just adorable. Happy first birthday, pretty girl! The fun has just begun!

Oh my golly, don’t you just wanna give her a kiss?!

Sweet newborns…ahh, soo adorable. I could just shoot newborn sessions and never tire of them! I love it! Little Bryant was no exception. His mommy told me that she had been talking to him for several days about how he needed to be good and behave for me when I came to take his photos. He obviously is going to be a very well behaved little boy! Russell and Heather, you’ve done good and God has granted you with an amazing gift! Bryant is gorgeous! Congratulations!

Bryant’s nursery was decorated in Sock Monkey decor. It was beyond cute! :)

And, the icing on the cake is below. All you moms and dads and photographers out there know that it is very rare to catch a little newborn smile. This day, I just happened to be there at just the right second to capture this little gem! Loooove it!