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“I’ve known him since he was born.” That’s a common phrase around the South that we use when we have known someone a long time. However, in this little guy’s case, I have literally known him since he was born! I was in the delivery room the moment he made his first cry and I have loved him ever since. Mr. Grayson is my adorable little nephew and he just steals my heart. I have four nieces that I adore; but Grayson is the only little man around to play with tractors and cars (besides my own little man, of course!).  It kills me how much he looks like my 9 year old son at this age. I could hardly concentrate on photographing him because he kept cracking me up with all of his funny faces, cute smiles, and just plain adorableness!! Gray-Gray, Aunt Julie loves you! Krissy and Brandon, sooo sorry it’s taken me for-ev-ah to get these on the blog. And, because you have been so patient, you get a few more than normal! Hope it was worth the wait!!

Jack Garrett and Thomas

April 29, 2010

Sweet boys! Such busy little creatures but, oh my, how they can steal your heart. I know this from personal experience! Jack Garrett and Thomas are 15 month old twins and cute as they can be. They loved seeing all the new things at the Botanic Gardens last week and we had a great time exploring together. We found ducks and geese, flowers, water, and even a fun old hollowed out tree trunk that was the perfect “container” to keep two little boys from running in opposite directions. Thanks for sharing your boys with me. They are just adorable!

Will and His Sisters

April 27, 2010

Will already knows how to handle life with two big sisters…just stay calm and relax through it! Little Will was a champ at his Newborn Session last week and let us photograph him over and over! This little “surprise” in the lives of this sweet family is already a clear gift from the Lord. He already brings such joy into their lives. I loved my time spent photographing Will on his own as well as the interactions with his big sisters. Welcome to the world, sweet baby! I bet you will never miss a day without a hug from these beautiful girls in your life!

Gracie and Caroline

April 26, 2010

Sweet sisters. I’ve said before how much I love photographing sisters. Caroline is such a sweet and patient big sister to little Gracie. I am pretty sure I wasn’t ever that sweet to my little sister at that age! 😉 Little Gracie wasn’t feeling so hot that day and Caroline had such patience with her. I love these two and their fantastic parents. They are adorable and I just wanted to eat them up! Such fun! Thanks for sharing your girls with me. They are a gift!

Beautiful Little Emily

April 26, 2010

Sweet Emily. Poor baby girl fell asleep in her car right before the session. She’s in the midst of changing nap times and her schedule was a little off.  I felt so bad having to wake her up for the shoot; however, she woke up and had such a fabulous session for us! She was calm and laid-back and full of beauty. She didn’t last terribly long before she was tired again, but that didn’t really matter. When you’ve got it, you’ve got it!  Here’s just a little taste! Emily, you are adorable!

I love this! You’ll recognize beautiful Nora. She is the lovely little one at the top of my blog header in the white dress with lavender flowers that were taken last spring. It’s hard to believe how much she has grown in a year. Having photographed Miss Nora several times before, I have learned that she isn’t necessarily a huge “smiler” (is that even a word?!). But, I have learned, if we keep at it we can end up with some gorgeous images for her awesome Mom and Dad. If you are a fan of ours on Facebook, then you might’ve seen this story on my page there. Nora’s mom wrote to me, “When we got in the car yesterday after the session, Nora said: ‘Miss Julie has patient with me’.” I love it! But, that isn’t hard to do knowing that I’ll eventually end up with images like this! Thanks, Nora, for letting me play with you and for the big smile you bring to my face! :)

Drew & Lily

April 20, 2010

What a picture of love and family these two are! One of the unique things about my job, among many, is getting a little glimpse into the lives of my customers. I get to know them better, their stories, what makes their children laugh, what their child looks like with that special “look” on their face that only a Mom would recognize. Lily and Drew are so beautiful. I loved working with them. I love the story of their family. These two children have one amazing mom. Karen, I hope these will make you smile. You wanted “some pics of them before they are in high school”. HA! Love it…think we’ve got you covered. Thanks for sharing your children with me.

Remember these beautiful ladies from the Mini Sessions?

Well, they’ve just become big sisters! Little Adam Stephen was welcomed into the world about a week after this photo was taken. It was such fun to visit their home and have them share with me and show off their new little brother. Sweet Adam Stephen was such a GREAT baby to photograph. That’s why I call him a Rock-star. Just let me play and pose to my heart’s content. Plus, check out this hair! How could he not be a Rock-star with those locks?

He’s just beautiful! Congratulations to Adam, Julie, Isabel and Iris on the new addition to the family!

This last one is the exact same shot. I just simply couldn’t decide color or b/w…so, I shared both! :)

I have been photographing this adorable little girl since she was a few days old. Now, Norah Grace is growing up so quick into such a fun and outgoing little thing. We had such a great time last week running around the Arlington Town Square and it was a joy to capture her personality in these 2 year old portraits. She even stayed happy through a few outfit changes which made it even more fun. Mom always dresses Norah Grace so cute. Thinking I need to hire her Mom and Grandma to shop for me. :)

Check out Miss Personality! Loving these! So fun…

Near the end, the poor baby was getting tired. But, I am adoring these shots of her and mom just loving on each other!

Lacy & Lexi

April 15, 2010

I love photographing sisters. Their relationship is such a unique opportunity to capture on film. I’ve photographed Miss Lacy before and was thrilled to be asked to capture some of her with new sis, Lexi. Such beautiful girls on a beautiful Spring day. So sad that it was my last day of shooting in the glorious tulips. I *heart* the tulips!! So sad we can’t have them year round. But, I assume, that I wouldn’t appreciate them so much if that was the case!

Don’t these ladies have the most amazing eyes? Ohh, their poor Daddy will be in trouble someday! 😉