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Honored and Happy!

March 31, 2010

Saturday morning I had the pleasure of photographing two of the most well-behaved little brothers I’ve had in a long time. I was beyond humbled when I learned that this family was going to drive all the way from Starkville, MS to have a session with me. Wow…pressure!! I shouldn’t have worrried though. This sweet family was so much fun. These boys kept us laughing the entire time and I loved watching their interactions with one another.

The day was perfect and God was showing off his handiwork at the Botanic Gardens. Everything was beyond breathtaking! I was doing a happy dance all the way home knowing that, hopefully, Beau and Buddy’s parents will think that these images were “worth the drive”! Thanks so much, guys, for driving all the way here for me! What an honor! Enjoy a little sneak peek of what’s to come!

Lorelei is One Year Old!

March 25, 2010

I was super excited yesterday to do my first spring photo session of the year! I met up with sweet Lorelei to capture some portraits for her One Year Old Birthday! I first “met” Lorelei, and her wonderful parents, at a maternity session last year. She was a part of of Little Gifts Newborn Club giving me the joy of seeing her grow from a tiny newborn to a very fast moving…high energy…smile that’ll melt your heart…beautiful one year old! Lorelei gives hugs like she does her smiles and I loved them! I have so enjoyed working with this family this past year. We spent much of our session yesterday chasing this little one…much like this! She sure was happy running around on her own though! :)

But, we persisted! We sang songs and clapped and were determined to capture a few of those smiles for Mom and Dad! And…it worked! Happy Birthday sweet girl!

A picture of my heart…

March 22, 2010

Thirteen years ago on this date was the most exciting day in my life up to that point and still ranks as one of my favorite days ever! On March 22, 1997 I married my high school sweetheart and very best friend! Without him,  my life as it is today would not be. He is my biggest fan and without a doubt the one reason that 1:17 Photography even exists! About five years ago, I happened to mention to him one day that I would love to be a children’s photographer. And his response to me, “well, why aren’t you doing it then?” . I came up with 1,000 reasons why it would never work. Within a week, a brand new Nikon dSLR arrived on my doorstep…a gift from a very loving and supportive husband. From that day forward, he has been cheering me on and pushing me to do things that I never would have dreamed possible. God knew to put this incredible man in my life. I really don’t embrace change at all…in fact, I hate it. Jack, on the other hand, loves a challenge. We make a pretty great team! Even today, Jack is such a huge part of our business. He takes care of ALL the things I cannot stand that come along with a business such as accounting, bills, taxes, business licensing, bookkeeping, etc. Yuck! Without a doubt, I couldn’t continue to do what I do without him taking care of that side of things. I get to do all the fun part! 😉

You might wonder why I put this out here on the blog for the world to read and the reason is simple. The love we have for one another as well as the belief that he is a true gift from God is so important to what I do everyday in this business. My camera and photographs are an extension of my heart. With every click of the shutter, I am seeking to capture for my clients the love that they have for one another and their children. The love and joy that I have in my personal life is a part of every photograph I take. It has been 13 years of marriage, and I am happier than I ever thought possible back on that spring day in March. I am beyond grateful to the Lord for granting me with this amazing man with which to share this journey. Happy Anniversary, baby!

I am so excited to announce that for the first time ever we are offering Mini Sessions in the spring! This has been a much requested event over the years from my customers and we have listened. We have partnered with The Happy Heart children’s clothing store for this event. Details are below, but here’s a few highlights…

There will not be any sitting fees for these Mini Sessions; however, you are asked to have some fun shopping and to spend $30 at The Happy Heart to in order to schedule your session and secure your place. If you saw my last post, you will realize that there is no shortage of wonderful things to buy at the Happy Heart. There are children’s clothes for all ages as well as many great little gifts, frames, shoes…the list goes on! And, yes, gift certificates do count! All you need to do is make your purchase and pick your session time. The Happy Heart has the schedule at their store so you can take care of everything is one trip.

The sessions will take place around Happy Heart and in the wonderful Arlington Town Square, which just so happens to be my new favorite location to photograph. So many great little spots! All photographs taken from the shoot posted yesterday were in the square and inside Happy Heart.

Sessions will be limited and we expect them to fill quickly. Need directions to the store or have a question? Give the ladies at Happy Heart a call and they’ll be “happy” to help you, 901-867-3703.

And, finally, because what is a photo blog without photos? Here is the announcement about the Mini Sessions as well as some photographs of a few of  many treasures you can discover at The Happy Heart. I hope to see you on Saturday, March 27th!

But what should I wear? How do I choose clothing that will stand out in my photos? How do I coordinate siblings? These questions are some of the most frequently asked questions before a photo session. On Monday, I had the fun opportunity to do a photo shoot with The Happy Heart, a children’s boutique in Arlington Town Square. The purpose of the session was to photograph some of the new spring lines of clothing they carry in their fantastic and charming store. I have already known and loved Happy Heart for awhile; but, I fell in love all over again. The owners of the store, who happen to be close friends of my family, have FABULOUS tastes. I have over 100 pictures from this session that I’d love to share, but I just picked some of my favorites. The kids in the photo session were so great! Even with the cold temps outside and a photographer with hardly any voice to direct, they were such troopers and rocked the shoot! The clothing featured below from their store are all perfect examples of what works for a photo session. Lovely, simply lovely!!

Hint, hint!! Return tomorrow for a special announcement concerning our partnering with The Happy Heart for a special Spring Mini Session coming up later this month. Details tomorrow! I’m so excited. :)

And, my fellow mothers of boys, we all know how difficult it is to find cute clothing for boys, right? Never fear, my friend Laura, who owns the shop has two adorable boys of her own so she doesn’t leave them out!! Check out these rockin’ outfits…

Be sure and check out The Happy Heart this spring! I promise you will leave with both a happy heart and a cheerful face!