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I think my sweet children are the most beautiful things in this world…so forgive a Momma as I share a lot of photos on this post! :) I’ve been dying to get out to Collierville to shoot at Schilling Farms for quite some time, but, oddly enough this location has never been requested by any of my clients. I see it pop up time and again in others photographer’s blogs and Facebook posts. And, yes, I look at them, too! I could spend hours and hours looking at work by my peers…just love it! So, this little session with Isabella had several purposes for me. I am going to use this location for my Mini Sessions in October and needed some sample photos to show. What better little model than my little 8-year-old sweetheart? As we drove out to Collierville yesterday the skies were getting darker by the minute. But, luckily, I can work quick and so can she! We managed to get about 15 minutes in before the rain came down on us. I LOVED this location as much as I thought that I would; however, if you have come to this post to see what this location looks like for your own portrait session, please keep in mind that I cannot guarantee that the hay bales will be there for your session. I don’t know how long they will be around, but that’s okay because the barn, fields, trees and grasses are the perfect backdrop for your session. I can’t wait to see this Fall’s October Minis at this locale. Enjoy the photos of my beautiful baby girl! I love her so very much!

This next one is a great shot of the profile of the old barn…would be much more appropriate with a family than itty-bitty Bella…still wanted to show it b/c it’s so pretty!

This next one is one of my favs from the night…

I can just hear her asking me “Momma, aren’t we done? It’s about to rain!!”

My answer, “No, sweetheart, not quite yet. Just a couple more.” And, I am so glad I grabbed a couple more. Love these last ones!!