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London is One!

September 23, 2015

Happy Birthday to this little girl! She’s the cutest little thing, isn’t she? :)

Sydney Elise and Allyson…

September 23, 2015

I am pretty sure that they don’t come much cuter than these two! :) 

Harrison is One!

May 11, 2015

This gorgeous boy actually turned one several months ago, but we finally captured his cuteness in honor of his first birthday! What a sweet, sweet boy! :) 

Saturday was an absolutely perfectly crisp Fall morning, and I had such fun with Matthew. That grin and those big ol’ eyes-be still my heart! So glad he brought along his Mom and Dad to participate in the fun as well. Sweet and gorgeous family! You just can’t beat that combination! Getting so big so fast. Look at this baby! :)

Three boys are always such fun! These 3 were no exception and we had fun dodging mosquitoes that seemed to be the size of small animals! Oh my! Thanks for a  great session guys, and for keeping me laughing. What a precious and beautiful family this is. :)

This sweet boy and his hilarious big sister kept me smiling all morning long! I just loved spending time with him. 7 months old tomorrow! I can hardly believe it. That grin…just melts your heart, doesn’t it? :) 

Allie & Nora…

May 9, 2014

Yes! These beautiful girls. I just LOVE them!! So gorgeous and fun to photograph and they never fail to make me smile so big with their sweetness. :) I’m really sorry, Robyn; but, I didn’t do very good on following your instructions of not giving you too many choices. There were just so many to choose from and I loved a bunch! Blame it on these gorgeous girls of yours…not me! :) Enjoy! More to come!

With all the rain and with the special I’m offering for artwork collaboration with Katie Toombs, I’ve been fitting in little Mini Sessions here and there when I can. This week, I’ve done several. This post is for two pretty little girls! First up, 10-year-old Chloe and her family came to see me for a quick shoot specifically for a painting by Katie! I cannot wait to see how the painting looks-know it will be beautiful! Here’s just a few from that shoot:

And, then, I got to play with Miss Lyla! Lyla is turning two, and this session was such fun! Love her adorable little outfit that belonged to her Momma when she was a little girl. Just love this sweet girl so much! We had such fun looking at and touching all the flowers. She was enamored with them! So precious! :)


Oh, this boy! He has my heart. He walked around during our session and would randomly blurt out in the cutest little 2 year old voice you’ve heard, “Miss Jewie’s here!!”. And he was genuinely thrilled that I was still there with him. Melted my heart. So sweet. I love being  Lucas’s Miss Jewie. :) Lucas is now two and I’ve been photographing him since he was just days old. Loved all the many faces he shared with me that day. What a cutie! I dare you not to smile! Go ahead, I’m going to win this bet. You are going to smile!