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Lora, Class of 2018…

September 25, 2017

This was such a FUN day!! We spent the morning driving around Downtown Memphis, catching the light and the colors to celebrate Lora’s 18th birthday and her Senior Year! Could not have been more perfect!

This was so FUN!!

May 11, 2015

Downtown Memphis, and a fun family on a gorgeous Spring Night! Like I said, so much FUN! Thanks Kevin, Haden, Kara, Carson and Harrison! And, Go GRIZ!!!

Megan…Class of 2015

September 15, 2014

This beautiful lady blows me away! I’ve known Megan since she was a little girl, and have watched her grow up in front of my camera lens over the years. She is kind, sweet, and such a successful young lady. I’m so proud to know her. We had the best time wandering the streets of downtown Memphis last night and capturing a moment in time in her last year of high school. These are just a very small sampling of some of the fun we had. I had the worst time trying to pick favorites because there were so many! Best of luck to you, sweet Megan, at Ole Miss next year. The Rebels are getting a great one! Congratulations! :)

There’s nothing like Family!

September 8, 2014

I had the most amazing FUN night with this great family last night in gorgeous downtown Memphis! The weather was starting to feel like Fall and these guys were just super relaxed and the most fun to hang out with. The kind of family that makes you feel immediately at home. Thank you so much, guys, for allowing me to capture your love for each other. There really is nothing like family! :) 

Colorful FUN Downtown!

May 20, 2014

I’ve just LOVED all the recent sessions I’ve done in downtown Memphis! These last ones are no exception. The families picked out the perfect colors to compliment the quirkiness of downtown. So much fun! Enjoy the sneak peek! Many more to come! :)

Love, love, love this wonderful sweet family! We had a crazy start to our session as some rain came in from out of nowhere and threatened to ruin our plans! But, patience paid off and we were able to get in a super fun and quick little mini session downtown while we enjoyed the beautiful calm after the storm and smelled the wonderful bbq from the river! It was a wonderful night with this amazing family! Love you guys! Thanks for being so amazing!!

Crazy beautiful!! See the words above these ladies heads on the first photo below? Truer words couldn’t be spoken about our evening together downtown. We almost cried due to the rain, but then we smiled because of the beautiful rainbow! We laughed together, enjoyed the wonderful aromas drifting down from the river and BBQ fest, dodged traffic and just had so much FUN exploring our town and taking photos! What a great night with old friends. I loved every moment! :)

I’ve been in this business now for about eight years-hard to believe! But, I have to say that Sunday afternoon’s Mini Sessions were among the craziest things I’ve ever done! It is really hard to tell in most of these photos; however, it was raining/misting/very wet the entire time. I had to make the tough call on if we should continue as planned or cancel and attempt to reschedule. I’m SO glad we stuck with our plans, because I just love the light in all of these photos. The families represented here were absolutely FANTASTIC to work with! Not once did anyone complain about getting wet or worried that the photos wouldn’t turn out. They simply trusted in me to get my job done and they did theirs, too. We made a great team! I cannot thank those of you who came out on Sunday enough for your sweet encouragement to me at the sessions and complete trust and flexibility in the situation. I have the BEST customers (and assistant-shout out to Jodie!!). Thanks, guys! It was worth it! :) enjoy…

Kinley, Kallen & Graham!

October 2, 2013

This is my sweet family!!!! Each of you that works with me at 1:17 knows this sweet Momma…it’s Jodie, my amazing assistant! She and her crew came downtown on Sunday afternoon before the Mini Sessions started for a session of their own down there. It was a crazy, rainy afternoon; but, this family smiled and laughed their way through it with me! I love them all so very, very much. And, I’m so proud of who they are. They just make me smile so much. Love you guys!!! :) 

This was the very first shot out of my camera on Sunday!! WOW! When this is the first one, you know you are in for some FUN!! :)

This beautiful angel is Bailey. Bailey is 6 years old, and will be 7 in just a few months. Bailey is absolutely, positively precious….and I have fallen in love! Bailey loves yellow. She ADORES Sponge Bob with a passion. We had loads of fun talking about Sponge Bob, Patrick, Sandy, Squidward, you name it! That girl love, love loves her some Sponge Bob. Bailey’s third favorite color is green-I know, becuase she told me. :) She loves to draw and color and is quite the artist-I saw examples! She’s learning to read and spell and has a zest for LIFE that is simply contagious. Bailey is the daugther of Ashley and Will a US Marine stationed currently stationed in Pensacola, FL. She’s the  little sister of Jaymes(8) big sister to Mason(2). She loves her brothers and her Daddy and told me all about them…even though they couldn’t be with us the other night…but I am sure hoping and scheming to do a session with all 5 of them next time those boys come into town!

Bailey and her mom, Ashley are in town for Bailey to receive treatment at St.Jude. She was diagnosed in July 2012 with stage 4 Wilms Tumor (kidney cancer). From July 2012 to February 2013, she completed 28 weeks of chemo treatment, 7 rounds of radiation and recovered from an 9 hour surgery to remove both the tumor and her left kidney. During that time, she also was in a commercial for St.Jude’s Thanks and Giving Campaign with Jennifer Aniston…pretty awesome! Here’s a link to her commercial….soooo precious, y’all! She’s the one in the pink!!

On February 22nd of this year, she completed treatment and went back to Pensacola to be with her family. Bailey’s 1st Post treatment scan was May 14, 2013. It was at that time that they  learned she had relapsed, and the cancer had spread to her liver and lungs. In May 2013, this little fighter started a 30 week chemo treatment and will also undergo another surgery soon. Additionally, she will receive 3 weeks of high dose radiation in the fall.

What a little angel, right? :) When I asked Ashley, Bailey’s mom, if I could share some of Bailey’s story, her response to me was as follows: “Bailey is very confident and is not afraid for others to know her story! She knows what an amazing and strong little girl she is!”

And, this is just a small part of who Bailey is. The most amazing part of Bailey is not these “things” but it is in WHO she is. She is a fighter, has a contagious smile, laughing all the time little girl! And this is what we celebrate with this photo session. We celebrate Bailey and all that she is and all that she will be. I celebrate Ashley and the beautiful and amazing mother that she is. These photos celebrate the boys back home in Florida and their Daddy who is carrying on life for them. And, the many people behind the scenes who help, that I don’t even know their names.

Bailey and Ashley…these two ladies are my newest heroes. I have only known them a few days, but they have touched my heart and my life beyond what these words can express. Thank you for the opportunity to get to know you and love you! THIS is why I do photography. To celebrate life and love and true beauty!!

“Some people move our souls to dance. They awaken us to a new understanding with the passing whisper of their wisdom. Some people make the sky more beautiful to gaze upon…Some people leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never, ever the same.” -unknown

To find out more of how to support St.Jude in their fight to end childhood cancer, please visit their website, Bailey and her family will thank you!

Now let’s get to the good stuff!! The photos! :) First up, Miss Bailey and her shining smile!


And, now some with this super-strong mother/daughter dynamic duo!! Love these sweet ladies! :)

Untitled-2 Untitled-1 And, this last one, I just love. Sweet Bailey was such a trooper as we played downtown. But at the end, she was tired. She never complained…at all. She simply laid her head in her Mommy’s lap…and knew that she was safe. :)

Thank you, Ashley, for contacting me and sharing Bailey and her story of strength with all of us! I know you are SO proud!