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Mary Kate and Tripp…

April 23, 2014

A beautiful Spring day on an gorgeous college campus! A family who are my friends, whom I’ve grown to just adore over the past years of photographing them and watching them grow up before my eyes. A perfect day! Thank you so much, Mary Kate, Tripp and your beautiful Mommy for making me love my job-all over again! Enjoy! :)

Anna and Mia…

October 18, 2012

Fall has arrived in all of it’s glorious color!! So exciting after the long, hot summer. This sweet family and I were very excited to enjoy our morning out at Rhodes College and document their sweet love for each other. I’ve photographed these girls for many, many years and am always blown away at how beautiful they are-both inside and out! Loved our time together “H” family, as always. Hope you love your sneak peek! Lots and lots (and lots!) more awesome ones to come! :)

Davidson, Harry and Mac…

November 2, 2011

A crisp fall morning+3 energetic little boys=Loads of Fun!! I had such a ball running around with these three absolutely gorgeous little boys! Davidson and Harry, the two oldest brothers, and I go way back! We are old friends and have done many sessions together. This time they brought along their “new” little brother, Mr. Mac! This is by far my favorite session I’ve done with this family. We did the session on the campus of Rhodes College. It was a “full circle” type of moment for the mom as she went to Rhodes as a student and also had her Bridal Portraits done there as well. I love that! The boys were SO good! I was so very proud of them as it takes a lot of patience on each of their parts to get three little boys to be still enough for a photograph! But, we got more than just one. We ended up with so many cute ones of the 3 of them. I’m super excited to share them. “A” family, your boys are awesome and I just love them. Thank you for continuing to trust me with your family’s photographs year after year. Enjoy! :)

Wow! This family is SO beautiful and SO much fun! We met up this past Saturday morning on the ahh-mazing campus of Rhodes College, and enjoyed some of the most dazzling fall color we’ve seen in quite some time. Amy, the mom, did such a wonderful job in picking out clothing that stood out, yet beautifully complimented the colors of the season, and everything just came together to make for some beautiful photographs. I loved these children! So charming, funny, and just absolutely adorable in every aspect. They kept me smiling and laughing the entire time…just like we were old friends! “K” family, thank you so much for sharing your family with me. I hope you love your sneak peek! So many more to come! :)

Little Man Fox

May 22, 2010

This little guy was soo adorable. Fox looked just like a little man, and as we photographed him on the gorgeous grounds of Rhodes College, I could easily see him walking around in his little sweater vest 18 years from now as a student. :) Dad is a proud alum of Rhodes and entertained us with stories and history of the campus as we walked around taking in the beauty there. As much as I love shooting in locations that I know well, it is such fun to go someplace that I don’t get to use very often and seek out new little pockets of beauty. I say all the time how much I love my clients. I have to give a shout out to Brittany, Emily, and Carolyn for sending Fox and his sweet family my way! There’s no greater compliment than to be recommended by another customer and I am really grateful. Fox, little guy, you are so cute!